Propeller Ads Review – Adsense Alternative Ad Network With Great Earning Potential

An advertisement network is a platform where publishers (bloggers) can contact advertisers and finalize advertisement deals. Using an analogy, an advertisement network acts as a broker/middle-man, and the advertisements are what is being bought and sold.

There are different types of ad networks, such as premium ad networks, vertical ad networks, specialized ad networks, and performance ad networks.

The decision to choose one ad network for your website is affected by multiple factors, such as the minimum payment, payment methods, types of advertisements, entry-stage into monetization of your website, etc.

Some example of ad networks is Google AdSense, BuySellAds, Criteo, Viglink, Infolinks, RevenueHits, PropellerAds, etc. This article will explore the features of Propeller Ads, which is a vast ad network with a very high earning potential.

PropellerAds Review

This ad network was founded in 2011. Its ad impressions are more than 3 billion per day from 195 countries. The company believes that every offering has the possibility of finding the audience and a place in the market, and it assists them in the same. It runs more than seventy thousand ad campaigns per month and has thirty-two thousand active advertisers as of yet.

Even though it was founded way back, it gives competition to other ad networks as it is continuously improving and introducing different types of advertisements. It has around 200-500 employees. It is known to have the best CPM rates amongst other competitors in the market.

1) Types of Advertisements

PropellerAds gives the publishers a lot of freedom and choices by providing a variety of ad formats. You can run advertisements in the form of push notifications, pop-under, interstitial ads, Native ads, banner ads, mobile dialog ads, layer ads, slider ads, and direct ads.

As mentioned earlier, it provides a wide range of options, such as text, video, and affiliate services.

2) Commission Type

It works on the CPM or Cost per Impression basis. In this type of commission method, the publisher is paid per thousand impressions. It does not matter if the viewers are taking action on your advertisements. The number of clicks does not matter.

The advertiser would have to pay the publisher for just displaying the advertisements on his/her website.

There is also no condition on the minimum traffic your website should have to get an approval.

It also supports other models such as CPC (cost per click), CPI (cost per install), and CPA (cost per action). In CPC, you are paid only when the viewer clicks on the advertisements. Thus, you are paid for the number of clicks.

In CPA, you are paid only when the desired action is completed. For example, if the advertisements are related to a product, not only the viewer must click the advertisement but should also buy the product. This can be thought of as equivalent to an affiliate program as you receive a commission from the total sales brought from your website advertisements.

3) Investment & Payment

PropellerAds has different minimum payment bars for different payment methods. For payments to be received through PayPal, the minimum payment bar is $50. For Payoneer, the minimum payment is $100, and for Wire transfers is $500.

The updated minimum payment threshold is $5, and it is paid every Thursday.

It requires a minimum deposit of @100 for credit cards. If you deposit via Wire Transfer, then the minimum deposit is $1000. To make this pay funding, you can use American Express, Webmoney, Debit/Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard), PayPal, and UnionPay.

4) Customer Support

If you opt for the platinum advertising pack of PropellerAds, then you get a personal account manager. You can contact their support via a 24/7 chat in the ad account.

5) Features

Compatible with AdSense

It is advised to use multiple ad networks as a publisher, which helps in the monetization of the website in a better way. PropellerAds is compatible with AdSense and also allows the work to flow smoothly.

Bypasses Adblocks

The revenue of advertisers and publishers is affected by adblockers, which disable ads for the viewers. The best feature of PropellerAds is that it came up with a solution for bypassing the ad blockers.

It provides non-intrusive advertisements such as native ads that allow publishers to display advertisements on their websites even when the ad blocker is enabled on the web browser of the viewer.

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Over-the-Globe coverage

As mentioned earlier, PropellerAds drives traffic from 195 countries over the globe providing more comprehensive coverage. It also claims to monetize a hundred percent web traffic as it also has a vast pool of advertisers from different locations.

Another benefit of this coverage is that publishers get in touch with advertisers that might want to display ads in different languages apart from English.

PopUnder Ads

This is also known as ClickUnder ads. These work like headlines of a blog. The purpose of such advertisements is to grab the attention of the viewer and make them curious to know more.

When the viewer reads the small advertisement and gets curious, he/she clicks the ad, which then opens up in a detailed version to provide more information.

These advertisements have better conversion rates as only those people click who relate to the advertisements.

Multiple Types of Advertisements

It provides a range of ads such as push notifications, pop-under, interstitial ads, Native ads, banner ads, mobile dialog ads, layer ads, slider ads, and direct ads.

There are also a lot of commission types available such as CPC, CPA, CPI, and CPM, which makes it ideal for everyone.

6) Advantages

No Restrictions for Approval

Usually, ad networks have a minimum traffic requirement for approval of accounts. This means you must have a minimum amount of traffic on a daily/monthly basis coming on your blog, then only you can start displaying ads on your website and monetize it.

PropellerAds does not have this restriction. You do not need to have a specific amount of traffic on your blog, which makes it a perfect option for beginner bloggers to monetize their websites and start earning.

Reduced Minimum Payment Amount

Earlier, PropellerAds had a very high minimum payout amount. This caused some resistance to rise up and for the potential customers to switch to competing ad networks that provided a lower payment amount such as $10.

Recently, it reduced the payment amount to $5, which gave it a competitive edge over other ad networks. It also introduced a weekly automatic payment system, which has reduced the errors in payments and made it more reliable.

Many Payment Options

The number of platforms that PropellerAds uses to make payments is vast as compared to other ad networks. It increases its usage and helps it to gain more users.

This is because the payment receiving method is usually a problem for the publishers, as many ad networks only provide a limited range of options.

More extensive Range of Languages Available

As PropellerAds has traffic and users from over the globe mentioned in the first advantage, it also provides an opportunity to monetize non-English websites. This again gives it an edge over the other competitors.

7) Disadvantages

Low monetization depending on the website quality

The extent of revenue generation depends on the quality of your website. If you have a low-quality blog, you might not be making a lot of money.

Header Bidding is not available

The header bidding format of advertisements is a potent tool for monetization, and many publishers and advertisers prefer it. It is also known as the advance bidding or pre-bidding method. In this, multiple advertisers are allowed to bid for the inventory. This allows maximum revenue generation and monetization.

 But PropellerAds does not provide this option in their types of advertisements.

Low monetization of sites in Different Languages

The revenue made by non-English websites is lower than English websites. This is because of the lower traffic and targeted audience that goes through such websites.

So, even though PropellerAds is a platform for non-English advertisements and websites, the earning potential for these are not huge.

While searching reviews for PropellerAds, you might come across negative comments, but the point to keep in mind is that those comments are made by usually anonymous people or people with very common names. So, it is suggested that you try the platform yourself first and make the decision based on your judgment.

In terms of the user interface, PropellerAds has a smooth and interactive design that you can quickly get used to, and the support via 24/7 chat is also rated excellent. It is suggested for the publishers who have started just now to monetize their websites.


There are many alternatives available for PropellerAds but it has a competitive edge over others in terms of minimum pay-out bar, payment options, variety of advertisements etc.

The other alternatives that can be explored are  is Google AdSense, BuySellAds, Criteo, Viglink, Infolinks, RevenueHits, etc.