How To Publish Your Podcasts to iTunes Store From SoundCloud

These days, podcasts are certainly on-demand on the internet. If you go by the latest statistics regarding podcast listeners, you would consider it the rising star of the entertainment industry. As more and more people are availing smartphones and internet services, the number of content-centric listeners increases. Consequently, it has set the stage for a big boom in the Podcast industry. So why not take advantage of this growing industry?

If you are a blogger, you must open a podcast channel of your own. This way, you would be able to promote further your blog, especially among people who are not avid readers. Now the question is how to go about it? One may think that opening a podcast channel is for tech-savvy people. Apart from that, there are financial concerns as well. However, these are not matters of worry at all. There is a site that can take away all your apprehensions regarding the launching of your podcast channel. And the name of the site is SoundCloud.

Some facts about SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an open platform for audio distribution that allows users to upload, share, and promote audio tracks. Launched by Alexander Ljung and Eric Walforss in October 2008, it has earned the status of one of the largest audio streaming platform.

As of March 2019, it has been providing services to more than 75 million registered users. Apart from that, it boasts of having almost 175 million worldwide unique monthly listeners. For a long time, it was considered an ideal platform for budding musicians. It was also a dream place for listeners of undiscovered music. However, these days it hosts podcasts as well.

If you want to open your podcast channel, SoundCloud is the perfect site for you. It has all the facilities that a podcast channel needs. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a penny unless you have exceeded the generous 3-hour limit.

Procedure for opening your podcast channel on SoundCloud

To start your podcast channel, you first need to create an account on SoundCloud. If you are already a registered user of SoundCloud, log in to your “SoundCloud dashboard.” Once you have logged into your dashboard, go to the “settings” page. Here you need to set up certain things to kick start your channel:

  1. Upload an image for your profile. Make sure that the size of the image is at least 1400 ×1400 pixels. Choose your profile image carefully as you have to upload the same picture in the iTunes store.
  2. Fill up all the details mentioned in the “Profile” page like website links, channel descriptions, etc.
  3. Now, select the “Content” widget to fill up the following details:
    1. “Category”: Choose your podcast’s field or category.
    2. “Language”: Select the language in which you are going to host your podcast.
    3. “Upload details”: Go to upload details and click on the “Include in RSS feed” if you wish to upload mainly podcasts.
    4. “Custom feed title”: Use a lengthy title for your podcast in the RSS feed. In case you leave this field blank, SoundCloud would show your “display name” as the title of your podcast.
    5. “Custom author name”: Mention your name if you are the author of the podcast. Otherwise, you can mention your production team’s name. Again, if you leave this field blank, SoundCloud would show your “display name.”
    6. “RSS Feed”: Upload your first song in your RSS feed. You can also edit and use a previously uploaded track.
    7. “Permissions”: Once you have selected your first track, go to the tab that reads “Permissions.” Here you need to check the “Include in RSS feed” option. You also need to check other options like “Enable app playback,” “Display Embed code,” and “Enable downloads.”
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Before submitting your SoundCloud Podcast to iTunes, you must ensure that you have filled up all the details in your “Settings” page. It is because you need to look attractive for the promotion of your podcast on iTunes.

How to upload your SoundCloud Podcast in the iTunes store?

To publish your SoundCloud Podcast on the iTunes store, click on the “Content” tab and copy your RSS feed link. Before heading to the iTunes store, burn your feed URL with “FeedBurner.” It would ensure that you don’t face any problem when you decide to switch to a different podcast hosting from SoundCloud. Once you have burned your feed address, you need to go to “iTunes Connect.”

Make sure you have an account on “iTunes connect.” Login to your account and submit your feed address in the “Podcast Feed URL.” Make sure that the cover art of your podcast is between 1400 ×1400 and 3000×3000 pixels. Otherwise, iTunes will not approve your submission. Navigate to the next page and click on the “sub-category” to offer your podcast. Once you have submitted your podcast, your task is complete. Now, you just need to wait for a few days before iTunes reviews and approves your podcast. Following which your podcast will get published on the iTunes store.

To promote your podcast among your listeners, post comments on your podcast. Also, ask them to subscribe to your podcast on the iTunes store. To make the subscription procedure simple for your listeners, use any of the podcast plugins of WordPress. It would enable your listeners to subscribe to your podcast on different platforms by merely pressing a button.