Random.org Website Review and 5 Best Features to Get Random List, Password, Numbers and Lottery

If you need to generate random stuff then Random.org is a the place to go. The things that you can generate are random lists, numbers and passwords etc. The website Random.org is quite popular among people who hold online giveaways, lotteries or for programming and science projects. The list of features included in this website are Lottery Quick Pick, Coin Flipper and Dice Roller. They also have some paid features.

In this article, I shall cover the top 5 features used the most on Random.org

1. Random List of Things

Random List of Things

You click on List Randomizer on home page and you will be asked to enter a list of items 1 per line as shown below:

List Randomizer

As soon you hit Randomize button, the list gets sorted in any random order as shown below:

List is in Random Order Now

If you are software programmer or running giveaway then List Randomizer is the first thing you need. Due to the increase in programming and YouTube/Instagram influencers running giveaways, this feature has got the most popularity on Random.org.

You just copy and paste the list of names of people who commented, liked or viewed your content and the website does rest of job on click of Randomize button. Moreover, one can randomize strings or even numeric using this feature. They say that list can randomize 10,000 items. The form is fully secure but don’t add any confidential information. This feature is under Lists and Strings and Maps, Oh My!

2. Coin Flipper

The Coin Flipper feature is for making quick decisions based on luck. If you are sitting on your computer and don’t have a physical coin handy then use this feature for quick coin flip decision. It is also fun to use this feature.

There are so many currencies available to choose from and so many different coin types. Even you can flip multiple coins at once. In order to use the feature of Coin flipping, go to home page and choose “Coin Flipper” option from Games and Gambling as shown below:

Coin Flipper

Next choose the coin type and number of flips as shown below:

Choose Coins

This is how the result looks like on making the flip:

Coin Flipper Results

3. Password Generator

All transaction based websites, email websites and forums etc. use signup and login feature. For generating strong passwords, the Random.org password generator feature is quite handy. Not only it is fast to generate complex passwords, it also makes your accounts more secure. You can bookmark the password generator page and use it whenever there is a need to generate password.

Password Generator

You can also randomize the password to the extent you want with the following customizable options:

Random Password

As soon as you click “Get Passwords” button, a list of random passwords are displayed as shown below:

Multiple Secure Passwords

4. True Random Number Generator

Generating random numbers with-in a range is quite common requirement. If you are online then you are bound to run into this requirements soon. This is the reason Random.org has placed its true random number generator on the home page as it is to use. They say that the randomness behind this tool is the space noise. Hence it is called True Random Number Generator. When using this tool, you choose a range and click Generate button.

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True Random Number Generator

The result is shown as below:

Random Number Result

5. Lottery Quick Pick

Online lotteries are a thing. Many people into gambling and lotteries need a tool which will generate random lottery. This tool is available at Random.org under Games and Gambling heading.

Lottery Quick Pick

The number of options that they have given to us is mind blowing. This is how the options screen looks like:

Lottery Number Options

The output of this lottery tool is:

Random Lottery Results

For me, I use the Random List Generator as it helps in running contests and giveaways.

I hope from now on you can use this website for your random stuff need.
We have added enough screenshots to help you use these tools.