7 Best Rank Tracking Software for Bulk Keywords [Check Google Keyword Rankings]

Google keyword rankings are of extreme importance for bloggers and digital marketers. It forms an important part of the SEO management too because picking the right keyword is the foremost step that can engage the audience to the presented content.

The most common errors in the writing of the bloggers and other publishers are that they do not focus on the necessary keywords at all which makes the content unable to approach and influence a large number of audiences.

Keywords play a very vital role in the enhancement of digital content. The rank trackers help us to know the accurate rankings and our performance on a larger scale. Some of the best rank tracking software is mentioned below:


Just as the name suggests, AccuRanker is one of the best rank Checkers for the Google Rankings. The extraordinary aspect of AccuRanker is that it can help to check ranks even in the Google search and alternatively it provides an option of checking the rank on Yandex or Bing search.

Some of the key aspects of using AccuRanker are:

  1. It helps to check the rank immediately and also provides an option of checking at the country or city level which is of extreme importance to bloggers and digital marketers.
  2. It comes with the paid subscription which makes it all the more interesting because it adds on some of the best features to it.
  3. It comes with a 14-day free trial that is quite feasible for the users. This helps them to understand the functioning in a better way.


SEMrush is the most loved tool by the bloggers and the other digital content creators. It is the simplest way to check the keyword ranking because of its functioning. Put your domain name to the URL and the task is done. It covers all the ranking that depicts the completion in the field.

Some of the key aspects of using SEMrush are:

  1. It is not the paid tool and provides an ample number of features along with that.
  2. It is one of the best tools to get the rankings on the search engines.
  3. It provides the weekly notifications about the changes in the ranking which makes it quite viable for the users to track the rankings over SEMrush.


It is the tracker that helps to get the keyword position based on the location. It helps to track the keyword ranking from any domain. This is the most affordable ranking tracking tool that is offered by Mangools.

Some of the key aspects of SERPWatcher are:

  1. It is the paid tool that lets one track the main keywords in a better way.
  2. It can track keywords for various domains at a time.
  3. It is the SEO tracker tool that is offered by Mangools and they are the best when it comes to digital content.


The main aspect of SEOprofiler is that it is the wholesome one-stop destination when it comes to building and promoting websites. To know the basic functioning and understand the concepts the software provides a free plan for a week. The paid version of the software is worth trying. Some of the key takeaways of this rank checker are as follows:

  1. This is the tool that works at nominal rates and allows accessing all the features in one place. 
  2. It also lets us the user track the history of the reports searched. In addition to it, the software also allows us to compare the contrast all the reports in one place.


It is the rank tracker that can be used as a replacement for SEMrush many times. This is a one-stop solution for all the ranking problems. This one tool helps the user with multiple features at one go. Ahref is very easy to operate because it is all set to function just after one sign in.

Some of the key aspects of Ahref are:

  1. It has an auto mode that automatically helps to detect the keyword that one is trying to find the ranking for.
  2. This is very suitable to find the ranking considering the country-wise or city wise ranking.
  3. It helps to track not just your ranking but also your competitor’s ranking which is a great deal.
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SERPROBOT rank checker

This is the rank checker that helps to check the accurate rank of your website by comparing and analyzing it. This can work to enhance the efficiency of the website by providing multi-keyword support. This rank checker also enables us to get the real-time rank results that are helpful to get the appropriate insights of our website at that particular moment.

Some of the key aspects of this rank checker are as follows:

  1. It helps to the accurate rank results by rare discrepancies because it works with multi-keyword support.
  2. We can check our performance online in no time as it has a feature of real-time search results.

SERP Keyword Rank Checker 

This is the keyword rank checkers that allows us to check the ranking on various grounds practically by depicting our performance. It works in multiple ways. Not only it denotes the online ranking but also helps us with other advanced features. Let us see some major takeaways of this rank checker.

Some key aspects of this rank checker are as follows:

  1. This allows us to check the keyword ranking for more than one search engine.
  2. The rank checker also shows the CPC, search volume data, etc along with various search engines at a time.
  3. This helps to check the performance on the practical grounds.


These were some of the best rank checkers that can help the digital content creators and digital marketers to excel in their respective fields. This comparison is of extreme importance for the people who struggle with engaging audiences towards their digital content such as personalized blogs etc.

Some of the advantages of using these rank trackers are as follows:

  1. They help to keep the user/creator intimidated and aware of the latest happenings and developments in the field of digital creation. In present times, awareness along with working tactically is the only possible way through which anyone can ace competition around the world.
  2. Using rank trackers provides the individual the idea about how much more effort needs to be put in so that they can work toward the efficiency of the blog or any other platform by keeping a regular track of the performance.
  3. Most of these rank trackers also work with a feature where we can easily know the keyword ranking throughout the city or country. This helps us to know the exact grounds of our performance at the desired location.
  4. They help us to track the ranking over more than one search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing which becomes a really handy and simple process. This is done by simply signing up for these rank trackers.
  5. Most of these rank trackers are available for free which helps to get the ranking with the exclusive features free of cost. This is the most productive way to influence your write up or any other kind of content using any extra efforts.

These were some of the interesting details about the online rank checker to check the ranks of the Google keywords.  Keywords are of extreme importance when it comes to creating content for any social media platform. This is the major mistake that is committed by various bloggers that they never bother to check the ranking of the keywords that they are using for their blogs, therefore, to engage the maximum number of audience to your content it is always recommended to go through the detailed analysis of keyword rankings.

To go through the process fluently and easily, it is always viable to take our suggestions and follow the aforementioned steps to achieve great heights. These rank trackers mentioned here help to increase the traffic and the followers immediately once we go through the entire process of rank tracking. Location plays a very vital role in letting us know the position of our performance at a larger level. To excel in the field of digital content, always go through a keyword rank tracking to understand and achieve better.