15 Best and Secret Hacks To Record Awesome Velfie [Video Selfies]

Popularity is all that a person craves for in the present times. Gone are the days when studying hard and becoming an officer was considered glorious. These are the digital times, and everyone can afford a data subscription. And every such person sets out to become a social influencer.

It is the prime reason for the popularity of various short video-making platforms. A common man can become an overnight star. The only thing he needs is engaging content, and some video recording skills. Along the same lines, a new trend has emerged nowadays- the trend of taking velfies.

What is a Velfie?

You can break this word into two parts – Video and Selfie. When you take a video of yourself, it becomes a video selfie or a velfie. The fame that velfie gained is not new – but started as soon as smartphones with selfie cameras became ubiquitous. You can make velfies with your laptop too, but not everyone can afford one. Not only celebrities and politicians, even employers have adopted this trend.

When you give an online interview, you are recording a velfie. Although you only need your smartphone to record your velfie, several apps have been launched in the market that claim to give a better aerial experience for your videos. However, you also need to keep certain things in mind if you want a good reputation among your audience. The following tips are simple, and would help you to record good quality videos.

Tips to Record Velfies:

Camera Quality

The first thing to look for is the quality of your smartphone’s front camera. No matter how great video you have planned, poor quality will stretch a barbed wire between you and your audience. However, if you cannot afford one you can explore the settings of your camera. Generally, you will get options regarding the resolution, quality, and brightness of your video. You can set one according o your needs.

However, keep in mind that if you set-up your video quality as HD, the video will take more storage space. So, be ready to have an SD card at your disposal. Once you become so popular that money starts pouring in, buy a good selfie-smartphone.  

Planning Your Video

Planning is of utmost importance. Although, your garbage would be accepted once you become popular, but as a newcomer, you should refrain from uploading anything in lieu of posting. You should carefully plan your video. Look for intriguing and unique content that will give you something new to connect with the audience. Do not dare to copy anyone as it may cause serious copyright implications if the original creator smells the mouse.

Lip-syncing dialogues is what everyone does- try to do something new. Also, remember to keep your videos short and to the point. Many file uploading platforms have an upper limit on the video size in case of large-videos, you may also have to pay some money. Few people have the patience to watch even a three-hour movie nowadays, so beware.


The background is crucial in determining the popularity of your video. While the focus would be on you when you are speaking, it won’t take a long time for the subconscious of your audience’s brain to notice that the room behind you is messy. This would render an uneasiness regarding your videos. Choose a background according to your topic. You may have seen how creative vloggers have a vibrant background. You may have also seen the light-grey background of many vlogs.

It has gained wide popularity these days. What you need to do is just bring some grey wallpaper, and shed a bright light on your face. If you don’t do well with colors, keep the background white. If you are going to talk regarding food, paste some cheesy pictures in the background. Each type of background conveys a certain mood, and to set up the environment for your topic beforehand would help a lot. Also, try to do a recording test to see how your background looks.

Eye Focus

You may have seen your face in the small box at the bottom right of your screen when you make a video call. Notice how your eye-focus changes. It seems as if you are looking down to your feet, when in reality you are looking at the other person on the screen.

It happens because your camera is at the top. But you have been groomed from your childhood to look at the face when talking. Initially, your eyes may get blurry, but with practice, it would be alright. When recording a velfie, always look at the camera and not the screen. Appeal to the audience as if you are directly talking to them. 

Light and Brightness

Although for a one–minute video you wouldn’t like to buy those bulky lights used while shooting movies, but take a sigh of relief because your video won’t be miserable without their presence. Use natural light to record your videos in the daytime as it works best.

Particularly, opt for sunrise and sunsets, and the open sky. But things get a little different during the night, no natural light. However, you can use an ordinary yellow light to lighten up your velfies. Keep in mind, however, that when using artificial light the focus should be on your face and not the surroundings.

Firmness of the Video

People hate moving videos as much as they hate blurry images. A moving video makes the background unstable. There are cameras in the market that counter this effect, but they can’t eliminate it. Try to keep your video stable. If you are not able to make a firm grip on your smartphone or camera, then use equipments such as a selfie stick.

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Everyone poor vlogger has one nowadays, so why not you. If you are not willing to buy one, take some old material from your home, and try to shape it as a tripod. However, this gets better when you use your laptop. The keyboard would act as your tripod. But, the disadvantage of this utility is that you won’t be able to move your laptop for videos in motion. Still, it is ideal when you want to make a still velfie.

Zooming In

Zooming in the video works best when you are using the back camera, and your object is farther. For velfies, however, it’s a really bad idea. Velfies are meant for the display of your neck and face primarily. Zooming on to a face that already appears very close to the screen, is a mistake. And mind you, it’s a serious mistake.

Video Mode

Be sure to use the landscape mode when recording a velfie. A portrait mode has little scope for the background. It seems that the video is compressed, which overall is not a good experience. You will find holding the smartphone in the portrait mode far easier, but there will be a trade-off with your video quality. Use the portrait mode for Instagram-like platforms, and landscape mode for YouTube. However, recording through a webcam on a laptop makes things smooth.

Audio Quality

A muffled voice makes life hard for everyone. Make sure that there are no sources of noise around you while recording the velfie. Also, if you live in a noisy neighborhood with vendors chanting all around, try to record the video during quiet hours. Also, do not switch on any electric equipment around you. The electromagnetic interference may cause some strange noise in your velfie. However, if you are unable to wade off the voices, place the audio source for your velfie close to the audio port. Also, you can buy a microphone and pin it to your clothes.

Height of the Camera

The camera should be slightly above your head. This will give more focus and exposure to your face. If you can’t hold your smartphone that way, bring in some apparatus to give it some height. If you are using a laptop, you can employ a stack of books and place your laptop over it. 

Recording Format

Always try to use the mp4 format to record your videos. It is a widely used video format supported by most browsers. If you opt for others, you may face some minor incompatibility issues. If you don’t have that option on your device, you can easily download an mp4 converter. Sometimes, its better to go with what’s popular.  

Best Editing Practices

This is very important if you are not a one-perfect-shot person, but no one is. Editing allows you to add special effects to your videos, and trim your mistakes. If your device has the utility to record videos, it would certainly have one to edit it too. If not, then you can opt for a wide variety of free apps available in various app stores. If that too is a problem for you, opt for free online editing websites. 

The title of the video has a great emphasis on the audience, so try to make it as interesting as possible. Also, display it in the starting of your video and extend its display time. Do not play the wrong-card, by giving a title that’s different from what is inside your video. If your editing software doesn’t support text-editing, choose a different one. Try to render subtitles to your video, if possible.

Watch your video with the eye of the audience. Try to find what mistakes a viewer may discover in your videos. Do not be over-confident. If something needs to be improved it must be improved.

Handling Large Video Files

Try to make your videos as short as possible. However, if your content doesn’t fit in a small size, you can use various file sharing utilities like Google Drive to share your videos through email. 

Facial Expressions and Body Language

Keep your face vibrant. Smile when you need to in a comedy video, do not just giggle your way throughout. Bring up some seriousness when the video content is a concerning affair. Try to make your tone interesting and do not buzz like a drone. Speak in a balanced speed so that your viewers understand what you intend to convey. The speed should not be so slow that the viewer has to use high-speed controls, neither too fast that they have to replay it again and again.

Pay special attention to what clothes you are wearing, they should ideally match with the background. Here, matching doesn’t mean that you wear a dark green t-shirt when your background is green. Your dress shouldn’t blend so much with the surroundings that your body and the background becomes indistinct. Dress decent for a serious topic, and funky for a not-so-serious one.

Choose a Platform to Upload

Once you are done with the above steps, ponder over the platform that will benefit you the most. If you plan to share it with just your friends, send it over WhatsApp or email. However, if you want to post it on a social platform, you have several options for that – Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo. Keep the type of the platform in mind. Do not go about posting a fun-filled velfie in a professional Facebook account. Choose a platform where you have a considerable amount of audience. 

These are a few of the ways through which you can enhance the quality of your video. However, if you are truly serious, you should try to make the most of these.