How To Record Outstanding Videos Using an iPhone [Must Know]

These days it has become a much-overrated myth that to shoot the pictures with great quality only expensive and high-quality cameras are efficient. Cameras like DSLRS no doubt are one of the finest when it comes to picture quality. People don’t want to look beyond such cameras but other options are worth exploring at times.

Recording videos is a skillful task that needs to be done tactically. Not just the camera or lens is of extreme importance but the technique also has a major role to play in recording the amazing videos. One should be well versed with the strategy of recording and editing the video so that even without the extremely expensive cameras great videos can be shot. This article will mention all the possible ways that can help a person to the desired picture quality by using the camera of iPhone.   

This article is all about how excellent videos can be shot using the iPhone. It is often said that the camera quality of an Apple iPhone is multiple times better than that of other cell phones. It is rightly said so.

iPhone comes equipped with a technologically advanced camera that is capable of recording high-quality videos. The extraordinary features present in the iPhone makes it one of the most loved phones in the entire world. Let us explore some of the brilliant ways in which outstanding videos can be shot without employing any extra efforts or expenses.

Record Videos on iPhone

The lens of the iPhone  

As we know that the lens is of the primal importance when it comes to photography or making videos, so the lens should be squeaky clean before even beginning the shoot. The lens tends to gather dust on its surface most of the time which is seldom realized while shooting the videos. This dust hinders the picture quality of the photo and the video. Therefore, always remember to clean the dust off the camera lens to get an undeterred experience of high-quality pictures and videos.

The lens of the iPhone is no less than any ordinary camera and therefore shouldn’t be treated like one. Use the best possible ways to avoid scratches or breakage in the camera. Until the lens is fully secured, there is no use of making the videos with your phone.

 The autofocus mode

Focus is the major deciding point between the difference between a good or bad picture quality. It is very important to get the focus right. The picture with a sharp focus is always considered to be the ideal picture. The iPhone also allows the bright and sharp focus that helps in getting a high-quality picture.

We should remember that the iPhone comes equipped with an amazing feature known as the auto exposure mode. This allows setting the focus and the exposure of the picture naturally. The important thing that should be kept in mind is that we should not turn these automatic icons off. If we do so then it becomes a rigorous task to adjust the focus accurately.

At times, even the autofocus or exposure mode becomes faulty but patience will cover it all. A prolonged hold or tap on the point that needs to be focused in the picture brings up the yellow icon of the focus mode. When you see this icon, it means that you are witnessing the best focus possible. Right after that, start shooting or clicking.

The types of equipment

This goes without even saying that the equipment is a must when someone wants to shoot a perfect video. Proper types of equipment allow the creator to capture the content without any hassles. The appropriate types of equipment also allow maintaining a balance between the shoot and the camera lens. The basic equipment that is required to shoot a decent video is a tripod. A tripod fixes all our camera problems at a go.

The tripod helps us to shoot hassle-free and also helps to adjust the focus automatically. The extraordinary benefit that the tripod provides us is that it can be adjusted anywhere and we can continue shooting for hours at a go. The basic investment cost of a tripod is not much which makes it a most efficient tool that is a must-have for all the photography enthusiasts.

Managing the sun

The sun usually becomes one of the most hated impediments when someone wants to shoot in the natural environment with the iPhone. This can be one possible reason that people avoid using the iPhone camera for shooting purposes. But again, as mentioned above, the iPhone camera comes with advanced features but needs to be operated with strategy.

One of the ways to get a perfect outdoor shot is by fixing the direct sunlight from falling on the camera lens. There are multiple ways to do that but the best way is to place a horizontal piece of paper on the top of the camera lens. By doing so, one can successfully avoid the direct sun rays to fall on the camera lens. This step is of primal importance when one desires to shoot in the open surroundings.

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How to edit

Once the shooting or the recording for the video is over, editing comes in the play. We should never consider making the entire video at a stretch because it will always comprise of the errors. Some strategies need to be followed while shooting a video such as taking single shot pictures that can be merged later with the videos.

Another important aspect that should be kept in mind before shooting and editing the videos is that no first shot is the perfect shot. Every first shot that we take is a draft shot and should be edited considerably. Some of the key takeaways from the editing section that should be followed ardently are as follows:

  1. Editing shouldn’t be done in one stretch. It is always recommended to take small videos of the best picture quality that can be merged later to form a fully-fledged video.
  2. The video that needs to be shot should also include pictures incoherence so that the quality of the video remains intact.
  3. Multiple features are provided by the iPhone to shoot the best possible videos. One should be aware of them and make use of them wherever required.

Edit videos on iPhone

Editing is not one simple process. It requires a lot of skill and technological advancements. There are various ways through which editing is made possible these days. Some of the most popular ways is editing with the help of the best-suited software. This kind of editing is mostly preferred for the shooting of professional videos. The editing of the videos should be done with the help of a computer to make the changes more flexible and easy.

These were some of the basic steps that must be included while making the videos with the help of the iPhone. This proves that it is not very difficult or an impossible task to make the perfect videos with the help of the iPhone. The only thing that needs to be remembered is that the videos need efforts and the process should be done tactically.

This is not when one wants to record the videos with the camera of the iPhone. Here are some secret tips that one needs to follow in addition to the above-mentioned steps to get the desired shot and the picture quality. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Never use the normal camera of your iPhone to shoot high-quality videos. Several mobile applications are available to shoot videos on apple smartphones to provide DSLR kind of picture quality. One such renowned app is FiLMiC Pro.  This enhances the picture quality and enables a person to get the best possible videos.
  2. Don’t try to zoom in while taking pictures or shooting the video. Doing so is not a very helpful action. When someone zooms in the pictures, the picture quality degrades which is never desired out of the videos.
  3. The light and sound quality are of extreme importance when it comes to photography. The ideal place with artificial lighting should be chosen to make the best use of the apple camera. If the artificial lighting is not made possible due to some reasons then the task can also be done with the help of inbuilt features of the iPhone. The camera of the iPhone is best known for its low light photography.
  4. The camera angle is also many underrated criteria when it comes to the photos and the videos. We should be aware of the best camera angle that can enhance the picture quality of the video.
  5. Another important aspect to shoot an outstanding video is the role of the frames. Frames play an important lead in the videos. One should not stick to the conventional modes of shooting by using the landscape mode rather explore all the possible sections. This helps to bring out the unseen factors in the videos.


These were some of the pro tips to keep in mind while recording the videos on iPhone. The basic steps that must be involved while shooting a video include the availability of proper types of equipment, basic techniques, making use of frames available to capture the shot, editing videos with the help of software on the computer, etc.

It is not a very complex task to make videos on iPhone but requires skills and talent. It is never too late to invest in the best iPhone rather than buying expensive cameras.

It is never disappointing to use the iPhone camera over the DSLR. The only requirement is passion and determination. The above-mentioned steps help to learn better ways of shooting videos in various ways. To know the secret tips regarding the best methods of shooting high-quality videos, go through the article in detail.

These days, almost everyone wants to shoot videos that involve high picture quality and sound quality. This is done for various purposes such as for professional purposes and also for social media. There can be no better choice than using an iPhone to shooting the best of such videos.