9 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [2020] – Smart Passive Income

In today’s world, it becomes extremely important to learn smart ways of making money that consumes less labor. In these challenging times, all that is required is the awareness to learn effective ways of earning passive income in less time. This sounds unbelievable but actually, it is not. There are various ways through which one can generate a continuous source of income. One of the very efficient methods is affiliate marketing.

The important question that arises for many is that what is meant by Affiliate Programs and how to choose what is better. This article serves as the one-stop solution to all such details.

What are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate Programs form a key part of the affiliate marketing system. In this system, the online merchant gets paid when someone uses the affiliate links to buy certain products. The commission earned by the merchant becomes his recurring source of income.

Another aspect of this marketing system is that one can choose to stay in touch with the company and the users as long as he/she wants. Most of the time, this process becomes a lifetime tool for the generation of income.

Merely by recommending products to the users, the person can avail great benefits from the company. The basic function is to attract and traffic to desired web sites and products.

How do Affiliate Programs work?

Affiliate Programs don’t have any hard and fast operative process. The key to affiliate marketing is recommending and influence people to buy particular products and services for one’s self-interest. This ensures that once the user buys the product or the service, the online merchant gets his fixed bid. This further develops a defined chain of events with a continuous generation of income for the online merchant.

The key role is played by three parties that are-

  1. Affiliate organization or website
  2. Customer
  3. Online merchant

If things are done mindfully and in an organized manner then affiliate programs are the best means to make money without much involvement in strenuous tasks.

9 Recurring Affiliate Programs

Several affiliate programs help to fulfill the purpose of making easy money but the best ones are mentioned below:


SocialPilot is the social media marketing organization that works towards improvising the social media accounts and handles. It is largely used by social media bloggers and small businesses. Some basic responsibilities that a person is required to take hold of while working with it are social media marketing, advertising, team management, and collaboration, etc.

How much one can earn here?  

There is no fixed amount that one earns by getting involved with them but surely it is none the less than the minimal one expects. In most of the cases, the online merchants get the commission up to 30% for bringing the traffic to their sites.

How to become a part of the same?

There is no complex process to get involved with SocialPilot officially. They are very cooperative when it comes to accepting the affiliate application. Just visit the website and apply for the same to become a member.


BeRush is the SEO based affiliate program that is widely used by social media bloggers, content creators, and digital marketers. This is the source to generate recurring income and at times can also help to earn huge profits.

How much can one earn here?

 The minimum commission is usually fixed at 40% for every sale that the online merchant generates through the affiliate link. The amount can also vary according to the requirements and the traffic on the sites.

How to become part of BeRush?

BeRush is widely popular among digital marketing that’s why they require more online merchants than any other such programs. To become part of this, sign up for free on their website and you can start influencing people in no time.


Cloudways is the most popular for the hosting solution that it provides to the renowned platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. It is best known for its effective management system and huge profits that can be earned through it.

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How much can one here?  

The person working with them can earn commissions in 2 different ways. The first one is where the commission is based on the performance slabs and the other where the online merchant earns money up to $30 for every sale that the user makes.

How to join Cloudways? 

Simply visit their website and fill in the essential details to become a member. Once the request is accepted instantly the person can start promoting what is required out of them.

Leadpages recurring affiliate

Leadpages is the topmost place to make money instantly and with huge profits. They add up online merchants in no time to their sites and let them work according to the requirements. It is the most used tool in internet marketing today. Their team management is par excellence and allows growing every day.

How much one can earn at Leadpages?

Leadpages is one of those platforms where one can earn minimal commissions of up to 30% per sale.  To ensure a passive flow of income this place works the best. An interesting factor about Leadpages is that they demand genuine content, unlike others. 

How can you join Leadpages?  

Leadpages is the organization that allows only their customers to work for them. This works better because they ask to work for the products used. Once you are the customer you can easily work for them by simply signing up.


Aweber is a popular email marketing tool that is used over by several bloggers and digital marketers worldwide. An interesting aspect of working with them is that they offer 30 days trial to the online merchants so that they can understand the concepts better.

How much can one earn from Aweber?

They offer a fixed 30% commission for a lifetime for the employees. They provide innovative email marketing solutions by engaging the users in no time. This is the best platform to ensure a defined source of income.

How to be a part of Aweber?

To become a member of the organization, fill in the essential details to their website. Once the details section is completed they instantly let the person work for a trial of 30 days.

Coverkit Affiliate

Coverkit affiliate is the most liked platform for bloggers and digital content creators. They provide email marketing solutions with the latest features such as automation and segmentation. The team is also responsive and helpful in different ways.

How much can you earn here?

The amount of income that one can generate by working with them is not always fixed. Sometimes the person working with them can make profits and earn commissions as much as 40%.

How to join Coverkit?

Coverkit requires the person to fill in essentials through various steps in the forms available on their website. Once that is done, the person can easily be part of this organization.

Thrive Themes

Thrivethemes is the best platform for recurring money generation with the help of WordPress. It is used by varied kinds of bloggers and digital marketers. This works for those who use WordPress relentlessly. Since this organization has a good reputation in the market, promoting them becomes easier.

How much can one earn here?

Working for them is considered beneficial in multiple ways. They provide a fixed 30% commission for one sale and in addition to it, they provide a recurring commission of 25%. This makes it an interesting place to work for.

How to join Thrivethemes?

Joining Thrivethemes affiliate programs is an easy task. Simply sign up at their website to get benefits of recurring income.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is the most optimized SEO tool that is used by several internet marketers and bloggers. They come with 45 all in one tool that is extremely helpful to build a strong digital marketing network among the users.

How much can one earn here?

They provide a commission of 40% on every sale that the user makes through the affiliate link. Some additional perks are also provided to the online merchants.

How to join Raven Tools?

To join their affiliate program the user has to sign up and then log in to their account. After doing so the person is all set to avail of all the benefits.

Tailwind affiliate program

Tailwind is the affiliate program that is entirely based on the social media marketing tools. It enables the user to make effective use of tools and build an influencing reputation.

How much can one earn here? 

They provide a fixed commission of 15% on every sale. The amount of income generated is a little less than other programs but the team management is better than the rest.

How to be a part of Tailwind?

Follow the website and sign up for free to be a part of Tailwind.

These were some of the best recurring affiliate programs. They help to generate a passive source of income for life.