How To Request money on PayPal + Create Invoice on PayPal (2020)

PayPal is one of the most used mediums by every employer to transfer money to his employees. Most of the companies had started to pay in dollars for every freelancer. One of the major issues that the freelancers face today is to get a hassle-free payment. This is a problem at either end. The client is not able to pay to his employee more regularly.

What is the prevailing problem?

There was an issue caused by PayPal to all the freelancers around the world. The payment was limited less than to $500. When a client wants to pay to his employee he has to break the huge amount into a lesser amount which is less than $500 and make the payment for about 2-3 times. This process consumes some more time. There is a solution to get rid of this problem. The user can use the PayPal request money feature to seek help in the transfer of money. The PayPal Inbuilt Invoicing system also helps in solving the problem.

Steps to use PayPal request money feature

  1. Click on Tools and choose Invoicing
  2. A window showing two options Request Payment or Create new invoice will appear
  3. Click on request payment and the screen showing PayPal balance will appear on the screen
  4. The user can drop the email of the client and can send the payment

This is the easiest way to transfer money. But there is a professional way of transferring the payment by generating the invoice.

Steps to be followed to generate Invoice

An online invoice is a tool that PayPal provides for free. The advantage of this feature is that it allows the user easy to use the transfer of money with personalized details. The invoices can not only be sent to one employer but also it can be sent to many employees at the same time.

  1. Click on create invoice option which will direct to the page
  2. Choose a template from the drop-down box
  3. Fill the invoice number, date, reference number, and due date
  4. Choose the receiver
  5. Enter the amount
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The user need not pay any fees for requesting payment. But he/she has to pay while receiving the payment. Hence by following the above steps the employer can make an easier payment to his employee with minimum time.