SideKick By HubSpot – Free Email Tracking and Scheduling

Communication is an important requirement for humans. In earlier days we used to send letters, which used to take multiple days to reach its destination. Now thanks o modern technology we can do this task electronically. The name of this electronic latter is email. However, one problem remains the same.

We can never know whether the person whom we sent the latter/email received and read it or not. Now thanks to email tracking we can do this. Hubspot is now offering email tracking, which eliminates the guesswork. Let’s take a closer look and see how you can use email tracking and schedule emails.

How to Track & Schedule email

The email tracking & schedule feature works with Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook or Office 365. You can use it for both private and business purposes. Follow these steps to take advantage of this feature and use it for free.

  1. Signup with HubSpot.
  2. Use this like to download their extension.
  3. Then install and open the extension.
  4. It will create a desktop application. From here you can track & schedule the email.
  5. Open the application and give Hubspot access to your email account.
  6. Click the compose button on the Hubspot dashboard.
  7. Enter the recipient email address, email subject, and the context of the email.
  8. Before sending the email, clicks the track checkbox.
  9. After sending the email, it will show you the status,
  10. When the recipient opens the email, you will get a notification on the desktop app.
  11. By checking the notification, you would understand whether the recipient opened the email or not.
  12. For Email scheduling, give Hubspot offline access to your email.
  13. Write the email, add the recipient’s email address and email subject.
  14. Then click the schedule box and enter the preferred message sending time.
  15. Hubspot will send the email at a given time.
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There are multiple benefits associated with email tracking & scheduling. The email tracking gives you a certain answer on whether the recipient saw your email or not. Most of the time, this feature is used for business purposes. It is very helpful for lead generation. It shows how many people read the email and interested in the business. It helps to shortlist the number of potential customers. So, the business can use its resources on potential customers.

Similarly, the Schedule feature also saves precious time. There is no requirement to stay awake to send the email at the right time. The email can be written in advance and send at the right time, thanks to the schedule feature. It gives freedom from the inbox.

Other Features

Hubspot offers other features, which work similarly to email tracking & scheduling. Most of these features come with free options. Any user can try them and see their effectiveness in the work field. Most companies use these features for lead generation and sales purposes.

  1. Email Templates: Free email template for professional use. Anyone can use them for business and personal usage.
  2. Documents: Optimize personal and business documents effectively.
  3. Meetings: Schedule meetings time with business partners and leads.
  4. Live Chat: Allow direct connection with clients and customers.
  5. Calling: Especially effective for making sales call queue management.
  6. Sales Automation: Automate & manage time-consuming tasks
  7. Reporting: Customized reports available in the dashboard.
  8. Salesforce Integration: Develop better communication with the sales team.
  9. Predictive Lead Scoring: Find possible clients who are interested in the business.
  10. Email Sequences: Keep all important emails in order.