21+ Working Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020

Most of us are aware of the term YouTube subscribers and its relevance in the American online platform for video sharing. We know that the number of viewers subscribed to a particular channel is directly proportional to the degree of influence exercised by that channel.

However, there are certain aspects of the term ” YouTube subscribers, ” which most of us are still oblivious to. These include the exact definition of the term YouTube subscriber and how the whole mechanism of YouTube subscribers works.

The persisting ignorance of YouTubers to these questions often acts as an impediment in their road to popularity. Therefore, they must be clear about these aspects of YouTube subscribers.

Once they know and understand how YouTube subscribers contribute to the popularity of their channels, there is no looking back. With patience, perseverance, and a quick and accurate strategy, they can become the next famous YouTube star.

Some Facts about YouTube

In the content marketing arena, video content is considered the most popular medium for connecting with the audience. And for creating, sharing, and marketing videos, YouTube is regarded as the best platform. People love it because it makes video blogging (vlogging) easy, and most importantly, it is free.

Anyone can become a YouTuber. Every month over a billion people become a member of YouTube. It implies that there is a large viewer base for each uploaded video. Consequently, there is a massive potential for people looking for publicity of their content in the digital world. What they need is a perfect strategy for increasing the popularity of their uploaded videos. They need subscribers.

What exactly is a YouTube Subscriber?

To put it simply, a YouTube Subscriber is a person or the account of a person subscribed to a particular channel on YouTube. In layman’s language, the concerned person is ‘follower’ of that channel. Whenever the owner of that YouTube channel uploads a video, it appears in the subscribed person’s feeds or accounts. Consequently, the owner of the accepted account can watch the video uploaded by the channel, which increases the latter’s number of views.

How does the whole mechanism of YouTube Subscribers work?

A subscriber may become an ardent fan of the subscribed channel and, therefore, may contribute to its popularity by watching its videos and sharing those videos with others as much as possible. The more times people watch a particular video, the more it becomes popular, and the more it becomes widespread, the more it has the chances to be recommended by the YouTube in the feeds of account holders.

And once the YouTube catalogs it in the list of recommended videos, it becomes more popular as it appears in the feeds of more number of people who may become a subscriber of the channel which made the video.

Subscribers, on the other hand, find only those videos in their list of recommendations that are in one way or the other is related to their watch history. For example, if a person has recently watched videos related to home workout, he is likely to be recommended more of such videos by the platform. If he likes the recommended video and subscribes to the channel, it would add to the popularity of the video and the channel that made it.

21+ Smart Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Even though YouTube has a huge fan base, most of the videos uploaded on the platform get unnoticed. Only a small number of channels can make it. The success of a YouTube channel depends not only on the content but also on some well thought out strategies. Here are 21+ smart ways to increase your YouTube subscribers and build up a popular YouTube channel:

Put a Watermark in the videos

This is the most useful hack that YouTubers can apply to get more YouTube subscribers. YouTube allows us to put a branding Watermark to our uploaded videos. This Watermark will appear in all the videos we upload, enable the viewers to subscribe to our channel inside the video.

To get a branding Watermark, one needs to go to the option “My Channel.” Following this, they would have to click on the gear icon beside the subscribe button. It would lead them to the page concerning Channel settings where they would find Advanced settings link at the bottom. Click on that link, and it would take them to the Branding page.

The “Branding” option would appear on the left-hand side under the header “Channel.” Click on that button and a blue button called “Add a watermark” would make its appearance. Click on the button, and it would lead them to the “Upload a Watermark” page. They need to select the “Choose File” button and find the required Watermark saved in their PC. Consequently, their Watermark would appear in all the videos they upload.

A watermark not only makes viewers aware of one’s business but also makes the uploaded videos appear professional. Therefore it is vital to choose the relevant Watermark for the videos. Most of the video makers use the logo of their brands as their Watermark. However, those watermarks are often ignored by the viewers due to their suspicion and repulsion to advertisements.

Consequently, it is essential to use a watermark with which viewers can identify. Something that appears neutral and regular. Most of the popular YouTubers, therefore, use the “Subscribe” icon as their Watermark. Some say that the popularity of their channel grew by almost 70 percent due to this icon.

Add subscription string to the Channel URL

This is another intelligent way of rapidly increasing a channel’s number of subscribers. What happens in this particular trick is that the viewers directly subscribe to one’s channel by clicking their channel link. They do not have to go the extra mile of subscribing to one’s YouTube channel. On the other hand, the video makers need to use the modified channel link all the time they wish to promote their channel, e.g., via emails, social media, in a blog or website, and, most importantly, in video descriptions.

The magic string attached to the Channel URL to enable easy subscription appears to be like this- “?sub_confirmation=1”. It can apply to any YouTube channel’s ID, custom URL or username.

For example, the link https://youth.be/hFgoXX4OsV4 would turn into https://youtu.be/hFgoXX4OsV4?sub_confirmation=1 by using the magic string.

All we have to do is navigate our channel’s name or URL and type or copy and paste the magic string or modifier at the end of the name or URL. Following which we just need to share this link with our prospective subscribers wherever possible, for example, emails, websites, social media, video descriptions, and blogs. The potential subscriber would click on this link, and a pop-up would appear on their screen. The pop-up would read as “Confirm channel subscription,” The subscriber would have to click on the subscribe button.

This strategy of growing YouTube subscribers is not only smart but also comfortable. The only part that is difficult in this whole procedure is to remember the name of the modifier. For that, one can either copy-paste the modifier as a note in their desktop or use a custom link shortener.

Change the YouTube account default settings

This is a very subtle but effective trick for getting new subscribers. Like watermarks, YouTube also allows us to add a default setting to all our uploaded videos. One can use this default setting to incorporate a subscription reminder in all the videos they upload.

To incorporate this feature, one needs to navigate to the YouTube default page. They need to click the YouTube studio and roam their eyes on the left-hand side of the screen. Under the header named “Channel,” they would find the “Upload Defaults” option, which they need to select. The YouTube default page would appear on the screen where they would have to add a description.

Here, one can add their channel link appended with a subscription modifier and click on save. This description would appear in all the uploaded videos and remind the viewers to subscribe to the channel. One can edit it as well as remove it at the time or even after uploading videos.

Manually create video thumbnail

This is a hack that is used by all popular YouTubers. It is sensible, as well as useful. It is reasonable because only the video makers know what they want to show in their video content. Therefore, instead of allowing YouTube to create a YouTube thumbnail image randomly, they do it on their own. Consequently, the thumbnail of the uploaded video gives an insight into the video content. It is useful because the resultant thumbnail helps in increasing the video’s click-through rate(CTR).

It is important to remember that what is visible, sells. A video thumbnail is a reflection of the content of one’s video. Therefore, it is essential to design eye-catching thumbnails using correct annotations and relevant images. Only then one would be able to get the attention of new viewers and generate more subscribers.

At present, YouTube provides a series of thumbnails from three interludes- the first one at the 1/4th mark, the second one at the 1/2 mark, and the third one at the 3/4th mark. One needs to apply only those thumbnails that best explains the gist of the video. Apart from this, they need to resize and reshape the thumbnails as per their requirements. Ideally, the size of a YouTube thumbnail image should be 1280×720 pixels. Also, striking typography would serve as a cherry on top.

Generate a plan for the videos

This is the most fundamental thing a YouTuber can do to get started with the whole video making business. First and foremost, a YouTuber needs to chalk out the topics the channel would handle, whether it would be a channel for giving cooking classes or giving lessons or health and fitness or education.

Once the channel’s objective is clearly defined, one needs to prepare the exact structure of the videos. One must focus on creating and developing only those content in which they are interested. There is no wisdom in imitating popular YouTube channels or following the trend. Originality is the keyword.

 Videos are likely to work better if they contain a well-written script. It not only provides a natural flow to the content but also prevents it from straying off. The resultant product is a well-defined and focused video that compels viewers to stick to the last.

To produce a well-scripted video, one needs to chalk out every detail concerning the video, e.g., exact words, actions, main points, etc. Apart from that, recognizing the target audience would act as a plus point for writing the script. It would help the content maker decide not only the topics but also the language of the videos.

Create alluring and entrancing content

It is very much apparent that to generate more subscribers, we need to produce exceptionally engaging content. Something relevant to the viewers’ every day lives and to which they can relate. In this context, it is essential to ensure that the content of the video remains engaging throughout the video. One cannot afford to lose the momentum at any time of the video. A slight mistake or dullness can cost one a large number of subscribers.

Content tends to perform the best when it is either informative or entertaining. And when these ingredients amalgamate in a video, there is no looking back for the video maker. No one can stop that video from becoming widespread and generating an enormous amount of revenue.

To be specific, one should focus on producing and uploading a medley of evergreen and burst videos. The latter would help in creating a rage among viewers and generate instant hits. While the former would help in making archive views and would continue to be relevant regardless of the barriers of time. Nonetheless, one should always prefer to produce evergreen videos over burst videos. It is because the latter always tends to fade away over time.

One can use ‘Screencasts’ if they are afraid of the camera. There is no strict rule that video should be of a human being doing vivid actions. The only thing one should ascertain is that the content must be engaging and relevant.

Upload the videos more frequently

It is tough to do as a single video demands a lot of time and labor. But it is necessary for keeping the viewers hooked to the channel. The primary reason subscribing to a channel is that the concerned viewers love the video content produced by it. They want to taste more of such videos and do not want to miss out on anything. It is like being an ardent follower of a particular television series and waiting for its new episodes.

Viewers tend to lose interest in a channel that is not regular in terms of producing videos. In this age of digital consumption, consistent production of content is considered very crucial. It is because people want to remain updated, not only in terms of information but also in entertainment. In this context, if a channel is irregular in its production, viewers turned subscribers no longer follow that channel. Consequently, the videos that the concerned channel uploads appear at the bottom of the recommendation list of the subscribers, which in turn contributes to a channel’s poor performance.

Therefore to keep the channel connected with the subscribers, it is essential to follow a rigid schedule. One should aim to produce at least one video per week. If that is not possible, then creating one to two videos per month is a must.

Once the schedule is ready, it is crucial to follow it strictly. Even a slight delay can cost the channel its reputation.

Create unique video titles for CTR

As mentioned earlier, originality is the key. And this mantra is relevant in the context of choosing video titles as well. The uniqueness of a video title is directly proportional to the number of viewers and potential subscribers. The more distinct a video title is, the more viewers are likely to watch the video. An uncommon title helps in generating curiosity among viewers. Consequently, they can’t stop themselves from watching the video. Therefore, the concerned video can gain the benefit of the click-through rate(CTR).

However, little originality would not maximize the numbers of viewers and subscribers. One needs to apply the tactics of search engine optimization (SEO) to publicize and market their YouTube content. One can use the following tricks to make the video more visible and reachable to the prospective subscribers:

  1. Apply the most searched keyword in the title: It may be considered useful for blogs, but that does not make it less useful for videos. Instead, it helps make the concerned videos visible to the Google crawlers who usually prefer blogs over videos.
  2. Don’t use long titles:  Google tends to reduce the video length to a mere 66 characters and puts the term ‘YouTube’ in front of the video title. Consequently, an additional number of characters gets added to the title. Therefore, one should use a video title that comprises not more than 50 characters.
  3. Use a descriptive title: It gives an insight into the content of the video and stirs the viewers’ curiosity.
  4. Use an eye-catching title: It would gain the viewers’ attention who would click on the video and help in improving the video’s rank.
  5. Avoid using the term ‘video’ in the heading: It would occupy unnecessary space and would not help improve the video’s ranking.
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Utilize the full potential of channel customizations

To attract more subscribers, one should know one’s job very well. It includes utilizing the full potential of all the customization options found on one’s YouTube channel. As mentioned above, whatever is visible, sells. It applies to the layout of the YouTube channel as well.

The point is to look professional, which is possible only by making the most of whatever YouTube offers us.

If someone is already running a blog and has a follower base, they can apply their branding in their channel layout. It would not only help their followers to recognize them but also make them remarkable in all platforms.

One can use some customized and magnificent channel art to make themselves a brand. They can also apply a customized background header in their channel. Having some elements of their blog in that header would make them far more recognizable.

Apart from that, they can give a finishing touch to their channel by utilizing the channel’s bio and custom URL section. A short and crisp bio would make the YouTube channel more attractive and professional. One can also add their blog’s link in the description. The ideal size of a channel layout is 2560×1440 pixels.

Produce an original and exciting channel trailer

Just like a movie captures the interest of its audience, it is essential to create a channel trailer that can capture the prospective subscribers’ attention. Channel trailer is one of the unique features provided by YouTube. It allows us to play a video automatically when a YouTube channel opens.

It acts as one of the factors in ramping up a channel’s number of subscribers. Therefore, the YouTubers must work on their channel’s trailer meticulously. They should keep in mind all the details and continuously improve the quality of their channel trailers.

An ideal channel trailer is of 30 to 60 seconds. It is within these few seconds that the content makers have to gain the interest of the audience. Therefore, compel them to subscribe to the channel.

To ensure that the channel trailer is perfect, one needs to incorporate all the channel’s details within a few seconds of video. Most importantly, the objective of the channel. The viewers must understand the purpose of the channel and what it can provide them.

YouTubers should regularly update these channel trailers by keeping track of their channel’s reports. They must review the retention rate of viewers and verify whether their channel trailer is successful in getting the viewers’ attention or not.

Focus on applying the required tools

These days, a large number of tools are available to assist YouTubers in the whole process of making videos. Among them, selecting the right tools should be one of their major priorities. It is because these tools would help them in developing an organic viewer base. Such a viewer base would contribute to the popularity of their videos and act as a potential subscriber base.

Gone are those days when YouTubers had to wait for years to build up their channel. From video making to video marketing, in contemporary times, there is a tool for everything. There are :

  1. Thumbnail making software, which is useful for preparing video thumbnail images.
  2.  Apps for capturing YouTube videos.
  3. YouTube features like Super Chat that help YouTubers generate revenue while engaging with their fans in a live chat or stream.
  4. And other apps and tools for generating publicity for videos.

In this context, the YouTubers should only focus on selecting the correct tools and apply them at the exact time and place.

Link the channel with the official web page

On YouTube, there is an option for linking one’s official web page with their YouTube channel. Such a feature is especially useful for those who have their brand and a related official web page. Most of the YouTubers either forget to link their official blogging page or refrain from choosing. But that does not make sense at all.

Linking one’s official blogging page with its YouTube channel not only authenticates its brand but also adds to its popularity. Viewers tend to be attracted to those channels that appear to be professional in their field. By linking their YouTube channel with their official website, one can avoid the extra effort needed to grow a channel.

To connect their YouTube channel with their official web page, one needs to navigate to the “channel settings” and add their website or blog link in the description section. Likewise, they should embed a ‘subscribe’ button in their web or blogging page to direct more followers to their channel on YouTube.

Publish videos of longer duration

This may sound a bit unconventional and awkward. One may think who got so much patience to watch a long video till the last. To be frank, at a point, making and watching shorter videos used to be a trend on YouTube. But that was the time when YouTube had not gained so much popularity. In 2014, Comscore’s reports suggested that the average time-span of most uploaded YouTube videos was 4.4 minutes. For a novice YouTuber, this length considered as the golden mean.

However, at present, YouTube has a billion followers, and the latest studies show that videos of longer duration (preferably more than 10 minutes) tend to rank higher in YouTube search results.

In this context, what a novice YouTuber can do is that start with videos of shorter duration (preferably 4.4 minutes). Once they have gained a considerably strong subscriber base, they can focus on making videos of longer time-span (more than 10 minutes).

However, there is no rigid rule that one should make longer videos to get a higher position in the search results of YouTube. The most critical factor is engaging content. There is no wisdom in making longer videos if you can’t make the content gripping throughout the video.

Focus on editing

A good script is essential for a video’s success. But one cannot ignore the importance of cinematography. The former helps in engaging the viewers till the last scene of the video. In contrast, the latter provides a treat to their vision. One should remember that ultimately, videos are all about visuals. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate on the editing part of a video.

One of the renowned photographers, Thomas Hawk, argued that he rejects at least ten shots before he decides to publish a particular photograph. This tactic must be applied to videos as well. One should edit their videos rigorously before posting the final video.

It is essential to make sure that only the best shots are published. Videos made in a rush and disorderly manner do not appear professional at all. Consequently, it can cost the concerned channel a large number of viewers and potential subscribers.

To ensure that only the best video is published, one can make multiple recordings of the same shot and merge the best part of those recordings in the video. It is important to select and apply the right editing tools. Otherwise, the visuals would not turn out to be good. These are the correct dimensions of YouTube videos for different qualities:

  1. 480p – 854×480 pixels
  2. 720 (HD) – 1280 × 720 pixels
  3. 1080p (HD) – 1920 × 1080 pixels
  4. 1440p (2K) – 2560 × 1440 pixels
  5. 2160p (4K) – 3840 × 2160 pixels

Create eye-catching Intro and Outro for videos

Just like a film, a video requires a bang on entry and a very respectful exit. For that, one must dedicate a considerable amount of time to creating a beautiful intro and outro. It is important to remember that the intro and outro of a video are supposed to reflect one ‘s brand.

Also, it is supposed to serve as a manifestation of their sense of professionalism. Consequently, one must ensure that the intro and outro they make must be very eye-catching and rightly demonstrate their brand. One should remember that only a remarkable entry can keep the audiences stick to the last.

Do thorough keyword and meta tags research

Like blog posts, keywords are useful for videos. They help in making the videos relevant and visible to YouTube and Google crawlers. Poor video content is not necessarily the only reason behind a video’s low viewers count. There are other reasons, as well. One of them is a lack of discoverability. How can viewers watch a video if it doesn’t appear on their search engines?

Therefore, one’s videos have relevant keywords to make them discoverable and visible to the viewers.  For that, one must do thorough keyword research and use those keywords in their video content. In this context, Google Keyword Planner can be of great help. But one must not use the keywords more than it is desirable. Otherwise, it would hurt the videos’ discoverability.

Apart from keywords, one can also look for the meta tags that the most-viewed videos are using. However, one must not copy-paste them as it won’t serve their purpose.

Improve the video descriptions’ visibility

Like the title of the video and its content, it is essential to improve the discoverability of videos’ reports. Otherwise, the prospective subscribers wouldn’t know about the content of a particular video. Consequently, they wouldn’t click on the video at all. However, there is no point in giving a very comprehensive description as the full video description wouldn’t appear in the search engines.

The goal is to make the video description visible to the viewers. Therefore, one should focus on using the relevant keywords and keep it short and crisp. Again, it is crucial to keep in mind that overusing the keywords won’t serve there purpose. Instead, it would hurt their cause. Therefore, the focus should be on keeping it regular.

Conclude the videos on a positive note

There is a proverb that all’s well that ends well. Whatever be the content of the videos, it is vital to ensure that they conclude on a positive note. People watch videos for a moment of escape from the harsh realities of life. Therefore, it is vital to provide them with some relief in the videos.

Also, the conclusion of a video is like the falling curtains on the theatre stage. Consequently, one should focus on making the ending memorable. For that, one must ensure that the video ends at a confident and positive note. Express their gratitude towards the viewers. Ask them to “like, share and subscribe” and give their valuable feedback in the comments section. Following which they can put a striking outro promoting their channel or brand with “subscribe” annotations.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

It is a known fact that cooperation and collaboration benefit all. And this is the exact reason why YouTubers these days collaborate. One should understand that considering other YouTube channels as their competitors would do them no good. Jealousy and rivalry would only obstruct their progress. It is better to collaborate with YouTubers working in the same field rather than competing with them. It helps in getting an entirely new set of viewers. Also, it serves as a treat for the fans of the concerned YouTubers who love it when they find their YouTube idols collaborating.

Stay connected to the viewers

The relationship between the content makers and the viewers is reciprocal. The viewers would become a channel’s ardent follower only when they feel that the channel cares about their feedback. To show that they care, one should always try to keep themselves connected to their loyal followers.

For that, they can begin by replying to each comment in their comments section. Responding to viewers’ comments and taking into account their feedback and requests is a very effective way of generating more subscribers. It is because most of the YouTubers do not reply to comments. Those who do are considered noteworthy by the viewers.

One can also connect to their followers by organizing live chats, streams, or questions and answers (Q&A) sessions. These tactics not only help in listening to the fans’ demands but also generate enormous revenue for the channel.

Offer rewards and giveaways

This is a brilliant way of attracting new subscribers. People love it when they get something perfect for free. It is because of this reason that newly established companies or businesses offer rewards and giveaways for promotional purposes. One can use such tactics for promoting YouTube channels as well. The viewers would love to get gifts and prizes. Following which they would talk about such rewards and giveaways with their friends and relatives. Consequently, new viewers and subscribers would subscribe to the channel.

Regarding the choice of gifts and rewards, it is preferable to offer something related to the channel’s field. However, there is no such strict rule for that.

Promote the channel in different platforms

In this digital age, one cannot survive if they are not active on various social media platforms. It is especially relevant for those who are out there to build a brand of their own. To make a brand discoverable and visible, one must do rigorous marketing and promotion. Such ruthless advertising is practicable only when the owner of the brand is active on at least three social media platforms, namely Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook. Apart from these platforms, one can open a professional account for their brand on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. The more, the merrier.

Handling so many accounts can indeed turn out to be a nightmare. But some apps can help manage the posts in different accounts by scheduling the time for giving regular posts automatically.

One can also choose to promote their brand through Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Share with family and friends

When a new channel opens, it is difficult to gain followers. Therefore, one should always prefer to share their content first with their friends and relatives and ask them to subscribe to the channel. However, there is no wisdom in annoying them. 


It takes a lot of patience, time, and labor to build up a YouTube channel. The above -mentioned strategies can also help in enhancing the performance of the YouTube channel.

However, it is not mandatory that all the hacks mentioned- above would work for everyone. Therefore, one needs to keep trying all of them and evaluate their impact on the channel. Following this, they should select the most suitable set of tricks and apply them as and when required.