10 Kickass Smartphone Camera Accessories for Youtube Bloggers (Velfies)

It all started with a small camera at the back of the earlier featured phones. Unanimous fact, the display quality was low, but it raised ambitions in the heart of the commons that they too can fiddle with technology. With the advent of the screen-touch phones, the rear-camera saw developments in resolution and display. It was not long before the front-camera with about 32 MP lens sparked the fire of velfie making among people. Here, we take a look at ten smartphone accessories to lessen your velfie-making effort and make your YouTube blog shine.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

This is a must-have device for making excellent cinematic vlogs. It is just another selfie stick-type of device but with a lot more features. You don’t have to worry about shaky videos, it has got brushless motors to take care of that . Live streaming videos is a great experience with this device that provides you with features like panorama, slow motion, and gesture control.

Don’t worry about the focus on you when you move around, it adjusts that itself. It has got story and sport controls to let you shoot all sorts of videos. The kit contains the gimbal with a built-in battery and a power cable. You also get a wrist strap, storage pouch, and four anti-slip pads.

VideoMic Me-L

A good vlog is incomplete without a good and noiseless audio. This device then fits well if you have an Apple device like an iPhone. It renders high-quality audio to your vlog. It reduces the disturbances from the surroundings and focuses on what is being filmed by using a directional voice sensing technology. There is also a furry windshield provided with this device that avoids the noise from the surroundings.

It also has a 3.5 mm jack so that you can monitor and manage audio playback. Also, it doesn’t need a battery, it acquires the power needed for its functioning from the iOS device itself. It has a lightning connector that allows you to refine your vlogs further. Its aluminium body makes it scratch-resistant and durable. The package also includes clips for fastening the device to the smartphone for a firmer grip.

SunwayFoto FL-96 High CRI LED Photography Fill Light

There will be times when you would have to make a vlog in the darkness. The flash of your smartphone is of little help during these trying times. This portable mini LED light helps you counter the darkness. It has a Built-In micro USB port and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charge it fully once, and it will work for straight one hour. Also, you can adjust the color temperature between 3000-5500K. Its compact and slim body is made up of aluminium which makes it durable.

The aluminium also allows for efficient heat dissipation. Also, the light is provided from an OLED display screen that displays information like brightness, battery power remaining, etc. It allows smooth control of the brightness level of the light. The most important thing about this device is that it is compatible with many other devices. So, you don’t usually have any compatibility issues. 

Olloclip Multi-Device Clip

Lenses play a great role in enhancing the quality of your vlog. However, for the tiny front camera of your smartphone, the bulky DSLR lenses won’t do. Olloclip then comes to your rescue. It is a triple-lens set that offers a whopping 180-degree view. The three lenses that are included as a package in Olloclip are fisheye, super-wide, and macro. The Connect X clip provided with this lens-set allows you to clamp the lens at the top of your smartphone’s front camera.

It also provides two times optical zoom and gives your front-camera a microscope-like characteristic. You would be wondering about the dilemma you would face if you have a phone cover on. Remove it and shoot, then put it on again. Well, this device solves that dilemma. It is equally compatible with smartphones that have cases and smartphones that do not. 

iOgrapher Filmmaking Case

Want to shoot like a professional, then this is the device for you. No need to bring sophisticated pieces of equipments and struggle to set them up. Instead,compact case brings a lot to you. It includes two stability handles, easy-to-use clip system, product mounting tripod, and lenses.

The body is made of polycarbonates and plastic, so this device is also utilizing the benefits of low production costs. Also, this device is compatible with iPhones and Android both. So, if you want to turn your simple vlogs to HD ones, use this filmmaking case.

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Adofys Flexible Gorillapod Tripod

If you are a beginner, not having many funds and want to make a low-profile but qualitative beginning, you can rely on this device. You may have seen tripods for smartphones providing minimal functionalities, yet they are a cheap substitute to expensive equipments above. The special thing about this tripod stand is its heavy-duty design.

The high quality ABS from which it is manufactured makes it last longer than other plastic-based tripod stands. A good feature of this tripod is its abiity to withstand long durations of shooting at your desired angle. It has the power to handle the heaviest of devices. This kit comes with a free holder. This makes things easier for you – you don’t need to rush for every small accessory. The device has got a clasp lock that lets you tighten your smartphone and ensure your peace of mind.  

Mega Tiny Corp Anti Gravity Phone Case

While a tripod stand is firm and secure, what if you get the same in a phone cover. The Mega Tiny Corp Anti Gravity case is a revolution. You can make handsfree vlogs and also protect your phone. It has nano-suction technology that makes this case stick to smooth surfaces. Imagine your phone sticking to a wall, midway in the air. Not only walls, it can stick on mirrors, tiles and kitchen cabinets too.

Scared that your phone’s screen would get damaged- the case has raised edges that protect your screen. Afraid that the case won’t fit well with the glass protectors – it provides support for them too. Yet afraid that a strong vibration on the wall during your shoot would shatter your phone to pieces. Do not worry. The nano-technology is shock-absorbent and self-healing. Go handsfree with this case waiting for you.

RAVPower Portable Charger

Indeed, everyone may not be a perfect vlogger. Also, even the perfect ones have to take many shots to ensure that mistakes are minimized. For these prolonged needs, what one needs is a lot of power so that your velfie equipments work all day long. A power bank may not work here, but this device would. It provides up to 20000 mAh of charge, that much could charge a lot many devices.

Also, it has multiple USB input ports so that you can charge multiple devices together. It has an LED indicator that indicates the amount of power available. It not only charges your smartphone but also your laptop, tablet, and many other devices. This fact illustrates its wide compatibility. However, it is also compatible with different types of cables. Any common USB cable can be used for charging it without causing any internal issue.

FLII Selfie Ring Light

This is a small and portable lighting equipment for shooting videos in the dark. It emits neutral white light and can be easily clamped over your front camera. It weighs a shocking 68 grams which well illustrates how compact it is. It provides three modes of brightness that can be controlled with a button.

It is also compatible with a diverse range of devices like Android and iPhone. Also, you do not need to spend money on batteries as it is rechargeable. The size of the smartphone is also not a serious consideration for your device- it fits perfectly with all.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB Class 10 U3 SD Card

Your smartphone has a limited memory. Good quality vlogs take up a lot of memory so they may fill up your phone’s storage quickly. You may transfer your vlogs to your computer, but that won’t give you the ease of access as with smartphones. So, the most potent option that you are left with is a memory card. SanDisk is a reputed company, and this product of SanDisk would help you a lot.

Along with free memory, what you as a blogger would want is a quick transfer of data from your phone to the card and vice versa. This product offers just that with a Read and Write speed of around 90 MB/s. The 64 GB storage space is great for you to make short velfies of a lifetime. Also, it is a secure product from a trustworthy company that will prove to be a great ancillary for your vlogs. 

Try out these few of these accessories at least once. They have the potential to aid your dreams of becoming a great vlogger and turn them into reality.