Best Social Media Desktop Apps for Mac OS in 2020

There’s a famous saying, “Once you go, Mac, you never go back.” And the validity of this claim is reflected in the satisfaction level of Mac OS users. If you are a Mac user, you would know how beautiful, secure, and blisteringly fast it is.

All these features were a result of Steve Job’s obsession with perfection. Not that Windows is terrible. But there are various aspects of an operating system where Mac has the upper hand over Windows.

  1. It is swift.
  2. It provides a more straightforward and cleaner user-experience.
  3. It offers some excellent software for free.
  4. It is not susceptible to viruses.
  5. It is less likely to crash, and there are many more.

Nonetheless, using Mac OS or Windows is entirely your choice. Some people find Mac more convenient while others do not. Here the point is that Mac OS is an excellent and carefully manufactured product. It also serves as the abode where software developers create and develop some exceptional software applications. Those magnificent software applications also include supporting tools for social media.

These days there is no shortage of social media tools. They are available anywhere and everywhere. Also, their variety is surprisingly impressive. Most of them are available online and help in creating and curating content, posting that content, improving their discoverability and much more.

However, quite surprisingly, there are software developers as well who involve in building social media apps for Mac OS.

Reasons for using Desktop Tools instead of Online Tools

Why would a software developer put so much labour on building Desktop apps when they are already available online? Why would people use such apps when they can easily access it online? The simple answer is more reliable control and systematic ordering of features.

Original versions of applications like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook have to prioritize a lot of things. These include layouts of User-Interface, User-Experience and the various functional features of the app.

On the other hand, a desktop application has to prioritize only one thing, and that is functionality. In other words, it should be able to serve the purpose of the users. With this primary objective, Desktop application offers a user the whole experience of the original app with hardly some clicks. It ensures that the user can access all the features and content of the actual application without putting in much effort.

If one would like to know who are the target users of such applications? The answer would be the “core users.”

How to bring social media accounts to your Mac OS?

Most of us are unaware of the fact that Mac OS allows us to add our social media accounts into our operating system. This feature of Mac OS is in-built. All we have to do is follow a few simple steps to avail this feature:

Navigate to “Apple Menu”, select “System Preferences”, and you will find yourself in the “Internet Accounts” page. A pop-up showing different social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Exchange and iCloud would appear on your screen. Click on each of these sites to set up your account. Consequently, the operating system would incorporate all of your accounts within itself.

Let us take the example of Facebook. When the system integrates your account, it will synchronize all of your Facebook contacts with the Mac contacts. You would be able to share posts and access your timeline from Safari. Furthermore, you would be able to share videos, websites and other content from your Facebook account with hardly two clicks.

To enhance the performance of your social accounts, you can also add some social media to your OS.

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 Best Social Media Desktop Applications for Mac OS

Here is a list of some excellent social media tools you can add to your Mac desktop for a better social media account experience:

Buffer for Mac OS

“Buffer” is a tool that helps you in managing your multiple social accounts. It helps you in scheduling your posts which you want to share at certain times. This feature of Buffer saves both your time and effort. Moreover, it makes sure that your content is published at the mentioned time so that maximum number of people can see it.

“Buffer for Mac” is a more elementary version of the online application. To manage and schedule your social media posts, you need to first register with Buffer. Once you have done it, log in into your account from the Desktop app. You would be able to see and manage all your SNS accounts from the application. Another plus point of Buffer is that you can get it for free.


It is a third-party application that primarily serves Mac and iOS. It enhances your Twitter experience ten times more than the original app. If you are a hardcore Twitter can, you must Tweetbot. Its interface is extremely user-friendly. The whole layout is segmented.

Consequently, you can view various facts and figures like messages, mentions and the timeline simultaneously on the same page. Apart from that, you can “mute” tweets, hashtags and people for sometime when you want to search for a specific post from a particular person. Furthermore, you can “hide” tweets for a specified period or eternity. However, you need to pay $10 for availing this feature.


It is a Reddit app for Mac. Reddit is an excellent platform for marketing your content. If you have an idea and your idea has some substance, share it on Reddit. Your content would reach people in no time. However, before publishing your material, you need first to organize it. And in this context, Uforio would prove to be an asset for you. It would arrange your content in terms of their characteristics like pictures, links, videos, long texts, short texts and GIFs. You can save your favourite content in a widget called “Favourites”. Also, you can hide any NSFW content or previously published content to avoid any kind of embarrassment or repetition. The interface is simple and lightweight. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a penny on this app.


If Uforio is concerned with the organization of your content. Milkeddit is concerned with making your content viral. It allows you to perform normal Reddit functions with a mere swiping action. For example, you can create content, upload images, browse and vote for others’ content and bookmark content. Apart from that, you can surf through different subreddits, become a subscriber of a Subreddit, and even post comments and replies.

What’s more interesting is that you don’t need the assistance of a third-party application to upload your replies, comments and images. Milkeddit also allows you to alter your software’s theme. However, you need to pay $2 to avail all these features.

If you are addicted to GIFs and make one of your own, you need an app or tool. And considering your preferences, would serve as a perfect app for you. It is comfortable to use, and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. However, you have to pay $3 to avail it.


If you are serious about your social media account and want to enhance its performance, do try these applications. These desktop apps would rationalize all of your social media functions. Consequently, you wouldn’t have to dedicate so much of your time and labour on managing your SNS accounts.