11+ Useful Softwares to Create Your E-book and Earn Money Online

Creating an E-book is the easiest way to show your talent and reach out to the maximum number of people possible. These days instead of reading books in the copy version people largely prefer reading them online because of various perks that they get along it.

In addition to it, E-books are of great importance in today’s culture because they are easily accessible and can be made available wherever one wants them to be. Creating an E-book is fairly simple but requires a bit of the expertise in technological understanding. Creating and publishing an E-book gets easier when it is done with the help of the latest technology and software.

What are the advantages of using E-books over the copied version? Some of these are mentioned as follows:

  1. E-books can be stored and read in one device. Only one gadget suffices to all our reading needs by storing many things at a time.
  2. They are easily accessible anywhere and anytime when one wants to read.
  3. E-books can be shared with anyone without losing your copy which is not possible with the original copy of books.
  4. They come with the feature of reading Aloud which becomes easy for our eyes and at the same time we can experience reading.
  5. The most important feature that E-books provide us that no papers are cut during the production of E-books, unlike the paper books. While reading the E-books we are somehow saving the resources.

There are many ways in which E-books can be created online. This article is the one-stop solution for all those who are eager to create an E-book. Let us see some of the best formats that E-books are available to us.

  1. PDF (portable document format) – Most of the books that we read online are available to us in the PDF format which can be easily shared and read. Sharing the E-Book as a PDF file is the most convenient method to read the text online and in addition to it, PDF also lets us highlight and mark our favorite parts from the books.
  2. EPUB (ePublication) –This is the exclusive format for reading and sharing the E-books that are made accessible for free to the users. It is considered the standard place for publishing the books and therefore is supported by various online reading platforms such as Kindle, Google Books, etc.
  3. iBook – iBook is the format available only for the Apple iBook store. It can only be sold and consumed within the Apple iBooks realm. 

Now that we know the formats for the creation of the E-books, so let us begin with the same. Here we will witness some of the most useful software that can assist us with the same.

List of Software


It is the most popular writing software that is known for its technological advancements in the field. It is extremely helpful for the people who are interested to write novels and screenplays online. The process of creating an E-book on Scrivener is more like writing the book itself in the paper version.

It begins with filling up the contents table first and later writing the book as we desire to. Once this is done we are required to transfer the content to the formats that we are willing to get our copy for like EPUB, etc.

The software is available for the free trial but once the free trial period ends, we are required to subscribe to a paid version of the same. It is available for $40 which is worth it to get this software.


Calibre is the software that suffices to all our needs of organizing and developmental needs. This is the free book management software that can store and manage the books at the same time for us. Not just organizing but the software allows us to convert the E-book to the desired formats such as PDF, EPUB, etc.

This is very apt software for beginners because it helps us to get a detailed understanding of software and how it works.  It provides a user-friendly dialogue that makes it easier for people to know all the details.

Microsoft Word 

MS Word is the document that we are all familiar with somehow. For those who are not very eager to learn anything new, MS Word helps to suffice all our needs in one place. It is the software that provides us with all the available options and later helps to develop the best we can. Another interesting feature that MS Word provides us is that we can transfer the file from the doc format to the PDF format easily. This makes our task much more comprehensible and hassles free. 

iBooks Author

iBooks Author is the software that is useful to manage and edit online books exclusively on the Apple iBooks Store. For all the people who prefer to use iPads and Mac Books over any other devices, this software is of extreme help to the.

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Apple devices no doubt provide the clear picture quality but only this software will work for such devices. Making e-book with the help of iBook Authors is a slightly rigorous task but the result is worth it all. A paid subscription is needed to access this software.

Kindle Gen

Kindle Gen is the software that works on the command based analysis. It is largely used to convert the HTML files to the Kindle version of the same. This is done so that if anyone wants to sell that ebook online it can be done easily. The e-books that are sold online are available only in the Kindle version therefore Kindle Gen is the one-stop solution for all the command related problems. In addition to this, it comes intact with the Readme file that helps to assist the conversion of the files.

Open Office

Open Office is the software that is more or less similar to MS Word but varies in certain features. It helps to convert the doc files the PDF files without asking for any money. Moreover, it is easier and cheap to manage Open Office as compared to MS Word. The conversion of files requires a very simple step that is clicking on the tab with “export the files”. Once this step is over we are good to go. The important factor about using Open Office is that we can do everything that is provided by MS Office but all of it happens free of cost.

Adobe InDesign

We are all aware of the technological giant Adobe and all the features that it provides in various fields such as photography, reading, etc. Even with writing, Adobe InDesign is of extreme importance. It is one of the software that helps to create an extreme level of professionalism and graphics at the same time. It is the advanced tool that helps to create all the magic at a go. To access this software a minimum subscription is required so that we can download InDesign. It starts at a very nominal rate of $20 per month.

Publish Express

Publish Express is the software that is the most accessible and easiest to use when it comes to writing e-books. It can convert the major files such as DOCX, PDF, HTML, etc to use formats such as EPUB, etc. It plays an important role in designing, managing, and converting the e-book files. When we use Publish Express, it becomes very handy to operate the conversion and writing the e-book simultaneously. Later once the book is ready, no extra efforts are required for the conversion. It is a one-stop solution for all the e-book writing problems.


Unlike all other software, Zinepal is the software that comes with a unique feature of adding the content from your blog to the e-book. This makes the task easier to no extent and also helps to publish the content that we want the larger audience to see. It is one of the software that lets us start from the beginning and gives us in hand understanding of editing and writing an e-book. It comes for the free trial but is also available in the pro version of the same.

Google Docs

One of the known and the simplest way of converting and editing the files in Google Docs. It helps to convert the files from any format to the PDF format largely for free. It also allows changing the Google fonts in the window once the content is made available there. One of the remarkable features of using Google Docs is that it allows the synchronization of Google Drive.


It is the plugin that is available for WordPress. This allows all the editing and conversion of the files in the simplest ways possible. The extraordinary feature that it provides us with is that it allows us to turn our blog posts into the e-book content. This makes it easier for us to include and filter the content of the book. Along with these features, this allows us to convert the files into the PDF. In addition to this, we can also design the cover page of the book. In short, this is one in all methods to design and edit the e-book.


PressBook is the software that allows adding and editing sections in the e-book that we desire to write.  It works a lot like WordPress and comes with more or less the same features. It allows us to edit and add sections as per our requirements. This makes the task of writing the e-book much easier.


Blurb is the Ebook creation software that allows creation and publishing at the same time. The eccentric feature that this software provides us is that it helps us to convert the PDF file to the e-book.


These are some of the most popular software that can help in the creation of E-book without any complex efforts. They organize, manage, and publish books online that can reach a large number of audiences.