How To Start A Podcast in 2020 (Step by Step)

In today’s world, technological advancements are reaching great heights. There are new ways of entertainment that are discovered every moment. Everyone tries to find some efficient ways to keep them going in these challenging times. Listening to popular and favorite artists is one of the ways that people choose over everything thing else.

Podcasting these days is extremely popular among people around the world. There are numerous ways in which podcasts are formed and generated around the globe. Some of the podcasts are easily formed whereas for making some podcasts a complex process is required.

While many people enjoy listening to their customized podcasts but there are also people around us who want to form their podcasts and get known in the world. It is never a bad decision and is never too late to form and start one’s podcasts. Some basic steps need to be followed and we are right there with our podcasts. This article provides the complete guide about the podcasts and how to start a podcast of your own. It is never too late to start what is desired. Follow the details to know how to proceed about the same.

To know how to form a podcast it is of extreme importance that we know what is meant by the term podcast. Let us see what podcasts are and why are they extremely famous these days.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are the platforms where we can follow the detailed analysis and story of our favorite artists and celebrities. One can also download the entire series of the audio files to enhance the experience of listening and entertainment. The main idea behind the formation of a podcast is that one can have undeterred experience of witness their favorite artists in one place and it is the easiest way where one can also download the audio files for easy listening. The downloaded files can be saved in personal devices which is the most convenient method to listen to the people whom you want to at a time.

These days we are witnessing a sudden upsurge in the coming up of personal podcasts around the world. People are exploring the latest trends in the field of technology. Podcasts are a part of this technologically advanced culture. Everyone wants to have their podcasts so that the maximum number of people listen and save their files.

Podcasts are not fully popular platforms among the audience around the globe because the idea of having a podcast is relatively new as compared to other platforms. It is still a developing idea among many which makes it much easier to have a podcast of your own. With the help of this article let us see how we can have our podcast and what are various steps required in doing the same.

How to start a Podcast?

Here is the complete guide to starting your podcast to have a thrilling experience with podcasting. One should also be encouraged to start a podcast because when the podcasts are popular enough, they can easily serve as a source for passive income. Some of the important steps are mentioned below.

1) Collect the material

One of the prerequisite steps in starting a podcast is that the person is clear about the topic around which he/she wants to work on. There are varied kinds of podcasts that we get to witness around us today. The idea of collecting materials usually connotes the gathering of proper sources and information around which the research will be done.

This self-research will later serve as great help information of personal podcasts. Once the person gets clarified about the basic idea of the podcast it becomes easy to follow the rest of the steps. Let us see some of the key takeaways from what is meant by gathering materials.

  1. Collect and research the ideas around which one plans to develop a podcast.
  2. Be clear with ideas and leave no second doubt about the details and information regarding that idea.
  3. The practical solutions such as the equipment and the budget need to be sorted out with proper planning.
  4. The ideas should be cohesive and shouldn’t go haywire once a person starts working on that podcast.

 2) The topic for the podcast

The very next essential step is choosing a topic for the podcast. Topics provide the first impression of the podcasts. They are of extreme importance and require extra attention. There are some key factors that the creator needs to keep in mind while choosing the topic for the podcast. The content of the podcast is highly related to the topic of podcasts. Some of the important points regarding the topic of the content are mentioned as follows:

  1. The topic should be creative, short, and attractive. The basic requirement of the topic is that it should be able to attract a wide range of audiences.
  2. The topic should illuminate the true intent of the podcast. The content of the podcast should be made apparent through the topic itself. That means that the topic should have the ability to present a larger narrative in a short form.
  3. The idea of the audience is a must. One should be aware of the target audience. The audience will later play a key role once the content is ready. The topic chosen should be able to attract the targeted audience.

3) Planning the show

Once a person is done framing and working around the aforementioned steps, the next step is about building the podcast socially. The planning of the content formed so far is of extreme importance. In the planning section, the key role is played by the website and social media. The website created for the podcast is necessary to attain the fame that is expected out of the podcast. Some of the key factors that should be remembered while planning the show are as follows:

  1. The website for the podcast is a must. One should work extensively toward the creation of the website that will depict what is expected out of the show.
  2. Social media is another factor that plays a key role. These days, social media is the only way which can enhance the fame of the podcast. One should be able to form the social media handles that work toward spreading the word about the podcasts.

4) Format of the podcast

The format of the podcast is another factor that governs the working of the shows on the podcast. As mentioned above, podcasts are personalized platforms where one can share multiple audio files about the topic of one’s interest. To make all that possible the important role is played by the format of the show.

There are varied ways in which the podcast is formed. The basic step while choosing the format of the podcast is that one learns what the key interest of the artist himself is. Some of the key takeaways from the format creation are as follows:

  1. The format can be of different types. Sometimes people prefer building podcasts around the fictional and nonfictional topics. This might include the episodic series that are further provided to audiences in the form of audio files.
  2. The podcasts are also developed around the idea of solo performances or shows that are of great interest to the audiences.
  3. In addition to these, sometimes podcasts also include interviews with renowned authors, celebrities, etc.
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5) Detailing the podcast

Once the subjects for the podcast are decided another function that needs to be operated is detailing the podcast. The detailing of the podcast includes selecting the editing process and deciding the details about the episodes. The details about the podcast have to be decided before the content is recorded. The episodes are of extreme importance to the podcast as a whole. The entire planning about the minute details of the episodes plays a key role in the podcast.  Let us see what is usually included in the planning of the podcast details.

  1. The podcasts are usually episodic and therefore the key focus is around the development of artistic and attractive episodes.
  2. The naming of these episodes is also of primal importance when it comes to releasing the podcast in the form of episodes.
  3. The detailing of the podcast is done through the episodes which makes it necessary to pay extra importance to the details of these episodes.

6) Record the show

Here comes the most important part of the entire podcast production process that is to finally record what all has been planned. The recording is the key element among all the processes involves in forming a podcast. It has to be dealt with great attention and need extra concentration. The recording of the podcast is not one simple and easy process. This entire idea of recording is incorporated with various other steps such as draft records, sound, and quality checks. Let us see some of the important details about recording the show.

  1. The process of recording has to start with the check of sound and the picture quality. Once these two steps are completely managed according to the desired subject then we can proceed further with recording the content.
  2. The equipment and the varied aspects of recording the show have to be sought out. The best equipment and the mode of recording are vital for the formation of the podcasts.
  3. Another criterion for recording the show is choosing the music. Music is the major aspect of recording the show. Choosing the best and apt music, according to the episodes makes the podcast look attractive.

7) Editing what is done

One should always remember that whatever is done at first go is never the final scene. Editing of the first draft is of ample importance in the podcast. Editing is more like revising the episodes, the recording procedure, and the draft podcast. Just when you think you are ready to launch your podcast in the market right after all episodes are recorded, you find numerous errors and discrepancies. These discrepancies should never reach the audience and that is exactly why editing is a must. Some of the key takeaways from editing the podcast are mentioned below:

  1. One should make use of the software that is best suited to the needs of the podcast. These days we are surrounded by great software that makes it easier for us to undergo the Basic editing procedure.
  2. If one is unable to choose the software or is unwilling to use the software for editing the podcast then the online tutorials about editing the podcast are of great help.

8) Releasing the trailer or the episode

Right after the recording and the editing is done successfully the next step in the queue that needs to be followed is finally launching the trailer or the 1st episode of the podcast. This step is considered as the most exciting one among the rest all. The release of the 1st episode is the actual result of all the hard work that goes into the formation of the podcast. This is not as easy as it appears to be because right before launching the episode of the podcast some details have to be kept in mind. Let us see some of the important aspects that need to be remembered before launching the podcast to the public. 

  1. The podcast should be entirely ready so that there is no delay in the release of the episodes on the due dates.
  2. One should also pay extra attention to the descriptions of the shows so that it attracts the maximum number of audiences toward it. The description should be brief and should be able to introduce the entire concept of the podcast just at a glance.

9) Turn the podcasts into a passive income source

The idea of the podcasts is not just limited to entertainment purposes but it can also become a source to generate passive income. It is always recommended to monetize your podcasts once it becomes famous among the people. There are multiple ways in which a podcast can be monetized. Some of the ways which can be of great help to you are mentioned below.

  1. The well-known way to make money out of the podcast is by selling the products on the podcast. This is a very popular idea these days where people sell the products and in return also attract heavy traffic of the audience to their podcast.
  2. Another method of making money out of the podcast is by advertising about various goods and services. While doing this the podcast creator will be sponsored by several companies, this makes branding easy and makes podcasting efficient.

10) Promote your podcast

Last but not the least among all the steps in promoting your podcast. Once a fully-fledged podcast is ready, the key role is played by the promotions of the podcasts. The podcasts have to be circulated among the audience and also the target audience if one wants to succeed in the idea of podcasting. Some of the essential ways in which the podcasts can be promoted among the audience are as follows:

  1. Look out for the social media platform with a maximum number of the target audience. Once the social media platform is sorted out then the podcast is promoted there regularly. This makes the podcast known to the maximum number of people.
  2. Add your podcast to your blogs and websites so that there are more chances of the podcast to be known by ample audiences.


These were some of the key steps that need to be remembered before starting a podcast. As mentioned before, the formation of a podcast requires lots of patience and determination. It is a fairly complex procedure but if done with proper planning and management then there can be no replacement for the experience of creating the podcast.

If you want to start with a podcast of your own then nothing much but the sole determination and passion plays a key role. Podcasts have to be created with the latest technological advancements and have to be promoted among the friends and elsewhere. The promotions of the podcast are important to increase the number of viewers and also to make money out of the podcast created.