How to Stay Invisible on Facebook Chat for Single Person

Hide your Facebook status from a particular person. After you follow the following steps, you won’t be shown online to the person you choose.

  • Log in to Your Facebook Account

When you log in to your account, the Facebook Home page opens up by default, where you get an option to post something and can see what other people have posted.

  • Open the Chat tab

You will be able to see a chat option on the bottom right corner of the screen after logging into your account. Click on it to expand the menu.

  • Click the Settings option

You will see three symbols beside the Chat option. One of those options will have the settings sign. To find that out, you can hover your cursor over the icons to see the names of the options.

Click the settings option and select the ‘Turn off Active Status’ option available on the menu. It is usually present in the third last position.

  • Select the ‘Turn Off Active Status for Only Some Contact’

Once you click the ‘Turn off Active Status’ option, a menu will open up showing the following options:

  1. Turn off Active Status for all contacts
  2. Turn off Active Status for all contact except…
  3. Turn off Active Status for only some contacts…

Select the last option if you only want to hide your active status from one/a few friends. Then enter the name in the entry box of the person, and you will see them in the drop-down menu. Select the person you want to hide your active status from and press the ‘OK’ option on the right side next to the cancel option.

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Now the specified person won’t be able to see when you come online.