3 Free Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

Twitter is a massive online marketing tool. A business owner can gain prominence within days of creating an account by using certain features and also utilizing his team’s proper branding strategies. The twitter has evolved to the stature with people’s constant usage too. The customised DMs and multimedia convenience in building brand image makes twitter a one-stop solution for your online visibility.

As we see, a person can gain prominence at a quick pace through Twitter. At the same time, there are certain actions you must take to sustain it. As with all the cases, gaining prominence is easy, but in what way matters the most. Are you famous or notorious? Any social media platform has the difficulty of having many inactive users existing in almost every profile.

As you build your name virtually with people around for any reason, you must see to it that it must be safeguarded throughout in the best interest of your results. The inactive users in your account can be disastrous in this perspective. It is high time that you clear all the inactive followers from your Twitter account.

While removing the inactive user from twitter accounts become essential, it is an ongoing process too. You must be watchful of your account day in and day out. To ease this out, there are many tools available that can help remove inactive users automatically.

Tools to Remove Inactive Twitter followers


This is one of the best tools that can help you remove inactive users comprehensively. A complete online tool that helps you remove twitter users based on their activities. So Manage flitter not only allows you to remove inactive accounts but also talkative accounts and much more. You will have access to use the free subscription to remove inactive accounts.

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However, you can remove only 100 followers a day. Manageflitter has got offers for you to increase the count. If you follow Manageflitter on Twitter you get to remove 200 followers per day. That’s not over, you still have another mode to increase it to 300. You just have to subscribe to the newsletter. Further, a subscription od $12 can help you remove 2000 followers a day.


This is yet another tool that helps you remove all the unwanted users in one go. Cirlceboom has an interesting algorithm, it classifies your twitter account followers. The categories shall be inactive, talkative, fakes and spammer twitter accounts. You can choose among them to unfollow the user.

Further, the algorithm looks for people who are not tweeting you for the past 30 days and makes them inactive. This can also be identified before you take a call to unfollow anyone. Circleboom has a free version but the paid version is less expensive than the Manageflitter.


This is an amazing tool to clean up the inactive followers in your Twitter account. It is a comprehensive social media management tool that helps you categorise and eliminate the unwanted users in your account. The best application to be used to clean up your Twitter account. The free version is considered the best for this purpose while there is a paid version that is premium and has enhanced support features.


The best way to stay prominent online is by managing your social media profiles. Most of the time these inactive users can be fake accounts too. The followers may tend to look into your account and such unwanted users may tarnish your name. Use the best tools to constantly clean your twitter account. Business means actions, Prominence means Famous. All the best!!!