List of Best Travel Niche Affiliate Programs That are Working in 2020

The virtual world has many business prospects for people. Money making methods are many and come with various propositions. Business owners make use of online platforms for digital marketing purposes. Individuals also use certain platforms to make legitimate money, like the paid survey websites. At the same time, Affiliate programs are of prominence lately. Not only because it helps make a good income, but also helps you learn a lot in the process.

What is an Affiliate Program?

It is the program that many businesses use to promote their products by individual bloggers. In return the individual bloggers make money. In a simpler version, an affiliate program allows a blogger to write blogs on various products on services about that industry and make the customer buy the product or use the services. The bloggers shall receive a commission for the sale that has happened.

Affiliate marketing programs are prominent because of their massive passive income that you can earn. Moreover, it is a type of a second gig any knowledgeable person can take it up. Knowledge about a certain industry and the products are sufficient.

Travel Affiliate Blogging

While we talk about affiliate programs, the most profitable niche is travel blogging. It is, in fact, a good source of income every month too. Let us see the benefits of being a travel affiliate blogger.

Benefits of Travel Affiliate Blogging

Low Investment – High Returns:

if we treat this as a business, travel affiliate marketing programs are highly profitable. One aspect is there is no much of investment. All you need to know is about the website and the locations they cater to. More evidently, most of the websites do not even charge for being a part of their program. You may at times need to spend on your website if at all a blogging program requires as an eligibility criterion.

You don’t need to be an Expert: This is the fascinating part. Being a travel blogger does not mean that you should have visited the place. Not all the time it is possible too. You must know the knack of writing blogs in such a way that the customers are attracted.

Passive Income

As we already heard of this, Travel affiliate marketing shall help you make good money. It is the secondary source of income, that at times can go over your actual income too.


You can remain flexible with this model. You can work any time you want. It all depends on you whether you want to make a mark and earn income or not. Let us understand, there are many bloggers for this niche, the affiliate programs will find their source some or the other way. So the work is flexible and you can work anywhere and at any time.

Massive Business prospects

Affiliate marketing in the travel front can be made massive. You can have a team and focus on developing sales for the organization. All you need to do is to win the trust of your client so that you are profitable in doing this business.

While many benefits are being a travel blogger, affiliate programs are many. You need to find the best affiliate programs that give you all these benefits too. Let us see a few of them which are profitable and worth working with. Travel Affiliate Program

This is a sensational website in the travel industry. People’s footfall on this website is all massive. They have a good digital marketing team too. Additionally, they also run the affiliate marketing program that you can be a part of. You can write blogs on the travel niche and promote their services. has an eligibility criterion. You must have a blog or a website or a travel agency to be a part of the program. All you need to do is to offer the best accommodations in the locations that they cater to. The choice of accommodations must attract the customers so that they opt for services. This shall earn good amount in commission.

Highlights of the Program

  1. offers very easy sign up process. Please ensure you have met the requirements.
  2. The banner integration option is a versatile feature in their website
  3. Search box and deep linking strategies have worked wonders for many bloggers
  4. The commission split model is also very good
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Let us take a look at the commission that you can earn from

No. of customers stayed per monthCommission from the total booking
0 to 5025%
51 to 15030%
151 to 50035%
501 and more40%

TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program

This is one of the popular websites that people used to check if they are planning for a trip. The usual information that they want to check out is places and accommodations. If you are good at that in citing good places and accommodation, you are on the roll to earn a bomb. You can make use of this website to be a profitable travel affiliate marketer.

Highlights of TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program

  1. More than 5 Lakh cities are covered in the website
  2. Deep linking to all the cities and hotels
  3. The Commission structure is pretty lucrative
  4. Oh yes, you get monthly payouts.

There is no slab for commission. All you earn is 50% of the total booking charges.

Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is a popular name in hotel accommodations and resorts. By far the most preferred by customers too. The exotic ambience and cost-effective price plans have always made them the best in the travel industry. The amount of properties that they have in India is at least 3 lakhs. With this massive structure, they also have in house travel affiliate program that is profitable.

The affiliate program is open to all. Anyone can join and start blogging to earn money. Yes, there is an eligibility criterion that you must meet. You must have a website/blog to get associated with them.

Highlights of Agoda Affiliate Program

  1. Minimum Payout is $200
  2. You can get the payout directly transferred to your bank account
  3. You can also use hotel power ads to increase your income, It goes up to 3 times the normal payout.
  4. The data feeds and text links support the bloggers for higher prospects.

The payout is massive and it comes up to 60% commission on the ale margin.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

This is a prime website for flight bookings. Many customers’ first choice is to see for convenient flights and also check out the best offers. Skyscanner has an affiliate program for travel bloggers that is lucrative. You can use Skyscanner widget that redirects the customer to the website for any bookings. You must find this is as a prime website for good profitable business prospects.

Highlights of Skyscanner Affiliate Program

  1. This is one of the popular travel affiliate APIs
  2. It supports a wide range of bookings; flight, hotels and also rental cars
  3. Skyscanner has detailed reference systems
  4. Your website shall be offered white label solutions for flight bookings

You will get a monthly payout based on slabs. On average you can earn 20% per month.

AirB&B referral Program

An amazing website for premium accommodations. This website is most sought after by many customers to have a comfortable stay in many places in the world. This being a referral program, it has a different proposition when it comes to rewards. You can earn points and can utilize these points to avail discount or buy products from the website.

Highlights of the AirB&B Referral Program

  1. The referral link is praiseworthy as the user can earn reward points worth $18
  2. It is a popular website for accommodation bookings
  3. A prominent name in the travel industry


It is an affiliate marketplace. You can find many top affiliate programs in any of the niche areas. Travel airlines, hotel bookings and any other travel-related services are available. You can opt for any and start your business.

Highlights of ShareASale

  1. ShareASale is considered easier than any of the affiliate programs
  2. You can reach the minimum payout faster than any of the affiliate programs
  3. You can opt for the top-performing affiliate program in any niche


While we see a lot of travel affiliate programs being offered, it is a good opportunity for people to choose this as the second source of income. However, you must be aware of the fact that the customers must be interested in reading your blog. This shall ensure them to buy or use the product or the service respectively.

It is recommended to have a catchy headline for your blog. It is all about attention. Have attention-seeking headline for your blog. Further, the content must be informative at the same time easy to read and take action. There are primary steps to create an interest in the reader. Affiliate programs are legitimate mode to make money. While everyone is looking at sales, you can easily promote good vocabulary. All the best!!!