TubeBuddy Review – Automate YouTube Bulk Actions and Improve All Your Videos

Making videos and uploading them on YouTube has emerged as a trend among the people. No one is immune to its magic. From the young school-going teenagers to sixty-five-year-old retired persons, everyone is aware of the possibilities of YouTube. They are even enchanted by the potential name and fame they would gain from this platform. Such is the effect of YouTube these days that if you ask a kid about their aim in life, they would definitely say, a YouTuber among all other career options. And why not?

Apart from giving name and fame, YouTube also serves as a handy way to earn vast sums of money. All you need is an idea and a smartphone with a good camera. And the best part is you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Sounds such an easy and lucrative career option, no?

Unfortunately, the reality is entirely different. YouTube may offer you fame and money, but nothing comes for free. The fact that YouTube is so popular among people throughout the world also makes it a competitive space. There are more than 31 million channels on YouTube uploading 500 hours of video per minute. But very few of them are popular enough to generate fame and money for the creators.

However, there is a high-powered tool that can help you build up your YouTube channel if you intend to open one. It is also useful for existing vloggers (video bloggers). And the best part is you will be able to access this tool from your YouTube dashboard itself. The name is TubeBuddy, and it is available in your chrome web store.

What is TubeBuddy?

It is a certified search engine optimization tool that is primarily used for YouTube. It serves as an extension of chrome. Consequently, it removes all the hassles that one has to go through when using a separate SEO tool. Once you add TubeBuddy to your browser, you will find that your YouTube dashboard has been upgraded with new features. Also, it has been certified by YouTube itself, which explains its safe and secure nature.

TubeBuddy provides both premium and free plans. Like any other SEO tool, its full potential can be unleashed only by availing the premium plan. However, a wide range of useful features is available in its free version as well. So you don’t need to spend a penny for the management, growth, and optimization of your YouTube channel.

Features of TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy offers more than 65 features that can help you to manage and optimize your videos and thereby improve your videos’ position in the YouTube search results and recommendation algorithm. Among those features, the following are especially noteworthy:

  1. “Keyword Explorer”: To improve your videos’ discoverability, it is essential to make sure that you use the most relevant keywords. Therefore, if you have an idea, the first place you should visit is “Keyword Explorer.” It would help you in verifying whether your plan is practicable or not. You will be able to search for keywords, which are relevant to your idea as well as are trending online. Besides that, you will get the details of all the trending queries and searches related to your content.
  2. “Suggested Tags” and “Tag lists”: If you supplement “Keyword Explorer” with “Suggested Tags” and “Tag lists,” you don’t need any separate software for doing Keyword research. With “Suggested Tags,” you can use the most exact keywords or tags related to your content. While “Tag lists” will enable you to save those tags in one place. Consequently, you will be able to use them in different combinations whenever you want.
  3. “A/B Tests”: “A/B Tests” helps you check the performance of your titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and tags. It is like testing a product before it is released in the market. To conduct A/B Test, you need to provide two different titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and tags. “A/B Tests” will check each of the videos’ performance by applying them on alternative days and preparing a report based on their click-through rates. Consequently, you will be able to publish the best versions of your videos.
  4. “Bulk Find/Replace/Append”: This feature helps you in updating several videos, descriptions, thumbnails, cards, or end screens simultaneously at the same time. For example, you have joined an affiliate program and need to add the affiliate URL to your videos. Instead of adding the link manually in all your videos one at a time, you can save a lot of your precious time using the bulk processing feature.
  5. “Videolytics” (Advanced): It gives you a detailed report of the tags and rankings of other content creators’ videos. Consequently, you can take inspiration from their marketing strategies and apply them for your channel’s benefit.
  6. “Comment Moderation”: To improve your channel’s performance, it is essential to engage with your viewers. If you have a large subscriber base, you must use this TubeBuddy feature. It filters your viewers’ comments based on categories like replied, not replied, containing questions or URL, having replies that you need to follow up, recent subscribers, and so on.
  7. “Best Time To Publish”: To generate maximum views, you need to make sure that your videos’ are published when most of your viewers are online. This TubeBuddy feature would suggest you the perfect day and time to post your video by preparing a detailed analysis of daily views and hourly engagements.
  8. “Competitor Scorecard”: YouTube is a competitive space, and to improve your performance, you need to keep track of your competitors. “Competitor Scorecard” helps you in analyzing your performance in comparison to your competitors by taking into account your monthly uploads and views, engagement, and subscribers.
  9. “Opportunity Finder”: This feature would improve the discoverability and visibility of your videos on Google by suggesting tags that would enhance your ranking in Google search results. Consequently, Google crawlers who are not much into youtube would be able to find your videos in their search results.
  10. “Brand Alerts”: This feature notifies you when someone mentions your channel. Consequently, you can know the overall impact of your videos on the viewers and make good use of the mentions. You can also use this feature for specific keywords related to your niche and be ahead of your competitors.
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How to add TubeBuddy Extension?

To get TubeBuddy features in your YouTube dashboard, head over to the “TubeBuddy” website, and create an account. Once you have registered yourself, select the “Install Free On Chrome” option. You will find yourself in the “Chrome Web Store.” Beside the TubeBuddy extension, you will find the “Add to Chrome” button. Click on it, and the extension will be added to your address bar. Once you have installed the extension, sign-in to your YouTube account.

If your channel is not correctly connected to your TubeBuddy account, a warning message containing a link to reconnect your YouTube channel with your TubeBuddy account will appear. Click on that link and follow the steps mentioned by TubeBuddy to re-link your YouTube channel. Once you have completed the process, you will find a drop-down list of TubeBuddy in your YouTube dashboard.

TubeBuddy Plans

There are four different types of TubeBuddy plans:

  1. Free Plan: The free version has many useful features. However, it lacks in some of the main features of TubeBuddy. Bulk processing is one of them.
  2. Pro Plan ($9 per month): It contains most of the relevant features of TubeBuddy and is especially useful for Keyword research. It is because “Suggested Tags” and “Keyword Explorer” are no longer limited.
  3. Star Plan ($19 per month): You can call it the “all-rounder plan.” Besides all necessary YouTube SEO tools, it contains tools for bulk processing and automating your YouTube channel’s other tasks.
  4. Legend Plan ($39 per month): It is chiefly remarkable for the A/B testing feature that helps you in testing the performance of your video. It also contains an “Auto-Translator” that allows you to reach new audiences, notwithstanding their country of origin.

Choose your plan according to your requirements. If you are a beginner and don’t have the money to invest, the free version will work fine. However, after a point of time, when your channel starts generating revenue, you must consider upgrading your plan. It would help you to utilize the full potential of the TubeBuddy features.


TubeBuddy is the best and safest SEO tool you can use to build up your YouTube channel. You can also avail it in your Firefox and Safari browser. However, you must remember that you can avail it for only one channel. If you want to avail TubeBuddy for a different channel, you need to apply for a separate plan.

Also, it lacks customer service, and there are no TubeBuddy apps. However, notwithstanding these limitations, TubeBuddy features are of enormous advantage to the budding and established YouTubers.