3 Latest Tools to Tweet Lengthy Messages on Twitter

Most of us are aware of the fact that Twitter is a microblogging site. It implies that you can post only short messages on Twitter. The maximum number of characters that one can use in a Twitter post is limited to 280. Now, that’s less, especially when you are a very expressive person. Consequently, expressing your thoughts and emotions within just 280 characters can prove to be a tough job.

You can always choose to post more than one tweet by writing “to be continued.” But that can demand an unnecessary amount of time and labor. Moreover, your followers may lose interest in the post if they have to read such fragmented messages. They may also find it challenging to understand the gist of your whole message. Consequently, the expected impact of your message would diminish.

Therefore, it is better to take the assistance of some third-party sites to reduce the length of your tweets. These sites would limit your posts to more than 140 and less than 280 characters. And if you share a link under your Twitter post, that would be a cherry on the top. It is because such a URL link would further reduce your post length to almost 120 characters.

Three Best Tools for Posting Long Messages on Twitter

Here is the list of three best tools that you can employ for sending lengthy tweets on Twitter:


Screenshot of a TwitLonger post. TwitLonger lets users post longer tweets beyond Twitter’s 140 character limit.

It is a website that assists you in sharing long tweets on Twitter. This tool is chiefly remarkable for its ease and convenience. You don’t need to do much. Just go to the website and write your message on it. TwitLonger would share the link of your message to Twitter. This tool is especially relevant for bloggers. If you have a blog and do not want to make a separate post for sharing a piece of mere information, consider TwitLonger, the best tool for you.

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Storm It

It is a new and straightforward smartphone application that helps you make long Twitter messages. It shares your views and ideas on Twitter as Tweetstorm. Apart from that, you can save, manage, and review your texts before publishing them on Twitter as Tweetstorm. Both Android and iOS support Storm It, and it has a PRO version as well. If you buy the PRO version, you would be able to change your accounts and remove tweetstorms. Also, it would allow you to adjust the styles of Storm and reply to a tweet.

Tweet Compressor

Unlike TwitLonger, which shares a link of your text on the Twitter, Tweet Compressor shrinks your messages. It combines the letters of the Twitter message you want to share and, therefore, reduces the number of characters.

Twitter’s 280 character limit may seem a bit restraining when it comes to expressing your views. But it is the very feature that distinguishes Twitter from other social networking sites. You can surf through almost a hundred tweets in a few minutes. But you cannot do so in case of Facebook posts. If you are one of the long-winding Twitteratis, do not worry about restraining yourself. Use the tools mentioned-above and share as lengthy messages as you want.