Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

Twitter is by far the best tool for all marketing campaigns online. It not only establishes the brand but also has a wonderful environment to interact with the followers. This shall improve the brand image drastically and that’s the prime reason many people seek for twitter’s support.

Although there are many features on Twitter, Direct Messages or DMs is the best. It helps you as a business owner to interact with your followers one to one. This increases personalization and builds prospective buyers for your product.

Benefits of DMs on Twitter

Considering the trend of users counts in recent years, the progress shall be massive in the coming years. Touching 40 million and above in the year 2019, it may reach another 40% more in next 1 year. Further, the Click-through rate over DMs is far ahead of the email and SMS campaigns.

This sets the tone for DMs being the most sought after feature. To promote your brand, you need to be in touch with your potential customers all the time, DMs shall support you in this comprehensively. Before going into the Automatic Direct message tools, let us quickly see the benefits of DMs for your business.

Launch a Product

DMs shall be of prime support in the Product launch. The automatic direct message tools can update all your followers with the new product. With the text count been increased to 280 characters, many customized and clear messages can be sent to the audience.

Audience Engagement

This is the need for any business. Keep your audience engaged with various activities like games, contests and competitions. This is easy with the help of automatic direct messaging tools.

Welcome Messages

This is lightning quick with the messaging tools. Any new follower shall receive a direct message to welcome them. There are a few tools that have different welcome messages tat cut down the mundane same message types.

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Generates leads

Yes, this is the need and the direct messaging tools are the aces for this process. You can easily generate leads for your sales.

Three Major Automatic DM Twitter Tools

With these many benefits, the automatic direct messaging tools in Twitter are a gift in disguise. Let us see a few of them that you can use.

Social Oomph

This is the most prominent social media management tool most of us know. It came into existence with customized solutions for Twitter in the beginning. Now catering to many social media platforms and hence the name Social Oomph. The main intention is to increase productivity by sending direct messages automatically. The best part is, Social Oomph can track the keywords and also schedule tweets for systematic delivery.


CrowdFire is one of the social media engagement tools, helps in adding followers to Twitter and Instagram. Previously known as ‘Just Unfollow’, it is the best tool for sending automatic messages to our twitter followers. You can schedule your messages on Twitter and also posts on Instagram. The versatility of CrowdFire is, it can send different welcome messages to different people. This adds variety in your content.

Tweet Manager

This is the tool most of us prefer. Mainly for its ‘no cost’ option. But the features are amazing. When all the other tools are focusing on sending DMs to new followers and also updating with Welcome Messages. Tweet Manager can reply to your followers’ queries. Wherever your company name is tagged, you will find a tweet there. This versatility is much appreciated and also most sought after by people.


Twitter has become more of a business enhancement tool. At the same time, the personalization can be effectively managed with these automatic DM tools. There are many more in the online market, but find the one that is suitable for you.