VigLink 2020 Review – You Can Monetize Website With Monetized Links

Blogging can be a great revenue generator, if you twist your mind to look for various opportunities available to you in the web of the web. As a beginner, and a not-so-popular blogger, your blog may initially render little monetary support to you.

Even if you have a large number of viewers for your content, you may have only the option of Adsense to publish ads on your blog with a little commission in your hand. But what everyone needs today is a fruitful blog that may help you monetize right from the beginning. A popular affiliate tool serving this purpose is the VigLink.

What is VigLink?

VigLink is a blog traffic monetization service with its headquarters in the United States. It was founded in 2009 by Oliver Roup, the CEO of the company. The month VigLink was launched, it received investments from technology giants LinkedIn, Google, and First Round Capital. In the subsequent years, companies like Skyscraper, Reddit, and MSN also partnered with VigLink.

Viglink’s name and work are associated with some big and popular retailers such as Amazon and eBay. It is a great and hassle-free way to monetize the links within your blog with little to no effort. The only laborsome task you may have to undertake is setting up VigLink support for your blog. The benefit that you will get is money for a product that you have neither manufactured nor invested on.

In 2012, three years after VigLink was introduced, the CEO apprised the media that VigLink was providing service to at least five billion pages per month. As of 2014, VigLink was working with about 63000 retailers online.

Service Provided:

The work of VigLink is not hard to comprehend. It is different from other affiliate marketing engines. Suppose you write a blog, a review blog for LED televisions, and you include simple links within your blog to popular LED TVs with the latest technology. What VigLink does is that it would scan your blog for potential commercial advantages.

It will then convert those links to affiliate links. With the links now converted, if a user clicks on any such link in your blog, he will be taken to the official retail site for the product. If the user purchases it, you will get the money as a commission. VigLink doesn’t only work for physical products, but paid apps as well. 

The good thing is that VigLink is compatible with Adsense, and it won’t modify or disable the links that are already affiliated. VigLink takes 25% revenue on the commissions. So, you are then left with 75% of the revenue, which is not at all bad.

Setting up VigLink:

If you are a blogger willing to gather some money from the links in your blog, follow these steps to set up your VigLink publisher account:

  1. Go to the official VigLink site. On the top of the website, you would find the Sign Up option for a new account. Click on that.
  2. You will encounter a prompt asking you for your email address. Enter your email address and click on sign up. You will receive an email with a confirmation link consisting of strings on your email address. Click on the link.
  3. You will be taken to another prompt asking for your password. Choose and enter a strong password and tick the checkbox saying that you accept VigLink’s privacy policy. Click on Create Account.   
  4. This will display a page titled How Should We Get In Touch? Here you are required to enter your personal information such as full name and address. Fill the page and click on the Save Account Info button.
  5. The next page to be displayed is titled Configure Your Campaign. Campaign in VigLink refers to the service for which you want to set up VigLink. Since you are a blogger, you have to select the type as Blog and platform as Blogger. However, you have many other options to select from. Then, tick the checkbox titled Enable VigLink Insert. Click on the Complete Signup button.
  6. You will then encounter the Install VigLink page, finally. Here, you will find some Javascript code. Beneath the Javascript code, there are some instructions. They direct you to include this Javascript code on every page of your blog that you want to use with VigLink. At the bottom of the page, you will find an input box where you are required to type the URL of your site. After entering the URL, click on Check. This will check whether VigLink is detectable on your blogging site or not. Note that VigLink will work only if it can be detected by your site.
  7. With this, the installation is complete. However, it will take some time for your simple links to turn to affiliate ones. This is because the Network Quality Team of VigLink will take some time to review your campaign and approve it. But you do not need to worry, they generally approve your campaign. Once your campaign has been reviewed and approved, you are ready to explore the full potential of your monetized site.
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Features Offered By the VigLink Page:

The VigLink page has several tabs with features that can help you a lot to manage your blog:

  1. The Dashboard Tab:- This tab is the main tab of your VigLink. Here you can see the number of people that viewed your page. You can see the number of clicks on the Affiliated links and the money earned per click in your blog. You can also view the total sales. You can also visualize your site performance and earnings in the form of graphs and charts.
  2. The Manage Tab:- Through this, you can change the configuration settings of the Install VigLink page. Here, you can opt among the following services :
  3. VigLink Convert – This provides the utility of converting the link to an affiliate one when it is clicked on. When just hovering over, the link acts as a normal link. You further have three options with this setting. You can choose one or all of them. The first is “Reaffiliate Affiliated Links” which will override previous affiliations of the link and link it through VigLink instead. The second one is “Link URLs” which will automatically affiliate links that have not been affiliated. The third and final one is “Optimize Links” which will modify your link affiliates so that they go to higher profit sites.
  4. VigLink Insert – This utility will search for possible keywords in your blog that can be converted to affiliate links. It will then rope in several links form its affiliate retailers. With it, you also get some Advanced Options.

Also, you can go to the Account section to change your settings. You can also create a new campaign and copy your referral code for VigLink here. 

  1. The Anywhere Tab:- You can have a pretty serious problem if the site that you want to point your link to is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It is because these sites do not support the copy-paste feature of the VigLink Javascript code. With the Anywhere tab, you can share your affiliate link to your favorite social media platform. Also, you can benefit from the sites which would not directly let you partner with them. 
  2. The Merchants Tab:- This tab takes you to the Merchant Explorer tool of VigLink. Here, you would find the names of all the merchants that have partnered with VigLink.

Benefits of Using VigLink Affiliate Service :

VigLink offers not one but many benefits:

  1. It monetizes the non-monetized blogs.
  2. Automatically searches for words that may help you monetize links.
  3. Automatically converts URLs to affiliate ones.
  4. Updates already affiliated links to point to the retailer offering higher profit.
  5. It offers a very easy setup that can be changed as and when needed.
  6. It supports Search Engine Optimization.
  7. It incorporates multiple retail websites.
  8. It offers settings to allow or deny affiliation of certain links.
  9. It helps you track the number of views on your pages, and the revenue earned by your blog.
  10. It lets you link to social media platforms and other affiliates that do not allow direct partnership via the Anywhere tab.
  11. It provides the transfer of revenue in time.
  12. It supports Adsense.
  13. It provides more money than manual ads. 


VigLink has revolutionized the affiliate market. Instead of hunting for ads, you now have a tool that searches links and merchants for your profit. However, this is not the only tool available online, you may find others as well. What makes it different is its standalone features. 

Affiliate marketing has made it possible for bloggers to make money without posting a single advertisement manually. Also, you don’t have to search for small retail companies to run your site. VigLink lets you partner, in a circumlocutory way, with popular merchants like Amazon.  With such a powerful option around, you have nothing that can stop you from becoming a great blogger, both in terms of content and profit.