Viral Content Bee Review : Promote Your Blog Posts

Digital Marketing is a cycle of process that you may come across. It is indeed the best way to connect with people instantly. The more strategies you apply, the more results you would get. With the number of individual bloggers in this world, every blogger wants their blog to go viral. The expectation of people reading your blog is not a problem. But what channels do you use to create the buzz matters a lot? Moreover, social media is the right place to carry out such ideas as there is where the maximum traffic is.

Connecting people through Social Media and directing them to your site is the right choice. Many experienced bloggers have already done this and they have seen massive results too. But, how many channels will you work on? Social media platforms are more and catering to every one of them is a cumbersome task. Now we are going to talk about the most versatile tool that can help you post the blogs to all the social media accounts of yours on a click. The good news is, it is for free.

The best tool that is available for free to share all your blog post is Viral Content Bee. It is a fabulous social media promotion platform that can get things done seamlessly. Oh yes, they work in a unique way where your post shall be promoted by someone else too. At the same time, you may have to do the same as chivalry. There are credit points involved, that shall allow you to post your blog post too. Let us see how they work and you decide when to sign up with them.

What is Viral Content Bee?

It is a social media promotion platform used by bloggers and digital marketers to promote their top-class content on social media platforms that you intend to use. This shall increase the web traffic to your website.

Advantages of Viral Content Bee

  1. The content that is shared through this platform shall be quality content only.
  2. Your content can be shared by anyone and that becomes a viral marketing aspect too
  3. Your content reaches the mass in no time
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Viral Content Bee is versatile in the functionality and they support the following social media networks

  1. Twitter
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook
  4. LinkedIn

So, How do we get started

To begin with, you must sign up with Viral Content Bee. It is a free account, you need not worry about anything. Fill in your details and create your Viral Content Bee Account.

Once you are done with the Account creation, go to your account page and update your profile page. Now you can start connecting with the Social media accounts.

There is an option for you to select the content that you would like to see. Please select them and save it. These are types of contents you will be seeing in this page. This is required as you will have to share the contents in your social media platforms for you to post your content. Let us see about that in a few seconds. So, select the content types that you want to see.

Once you are done with this, you shall find content based on your interest. You will have to share these contents to your social media accounts. It helps you gain credits. You can spend 5 to 10 minutes to do this and earn credits.

But why Credits? If you are planning to post your blog post, you need credit points. You can get those credit points by sharing others’ contents. This is a give and takes policy. You do it and I also do it types.

You do not have to worry, as every content that is available through Viral Content Bee is qualified and it shall be monitored by the moderator and only then gets posted in the platform. For you to post your blog post, create one and post it by paying some credits with what you have earned. The content shall be sent to the moderator for review. Once it clears that gate, your content shall be available for people to post and the cycle continues. Gain Credits and Make your post visible for millions.