Top 21 Viral Photos On Facebook (The Viral and the Latest FB Posts)

Social media, these days, is the platform where things can get viral in no time. When anything such as videos or photos go viral all over the viral they are seen by a large number of audiences. It is more like a chain reaction where one thing can be shared endlessly and can be known to the entire world. This is the reason why we know all the news and every detail about the far off land without any delay.

Among all the social media platforms Facebook is one of the most prominent places where we witness the maximum number of viral photos and videos. Most of the time, we share things without even knowing where the actual game started. Here let us explore some of the latest and most viral pictures of all times. We bet even you didn’t know from where these landed from.

Some of the most viral pictures of all times are depicted as follows:

  1. The selfie king – chimpanzee the great

This is Naruto, the chimpanzee who accidentally snapped himself in 2011 from the camera which belonged to David Slater. There were issues about the copyright of the image for six years but later it was decided and confirmed that Slater owned the rights to the image. We still witness the same picture in several memes today. This has become an ideal picture for all the meme-makers globally.

  • Baby Yoda from “ The Mandalorian” 

You can certainly not forget him. All over the world Baby Yoda from the “Mandalorian” is famous for the laughable memes and jokes. There were innumerable shares about the same when it first came up in 2019. We still come across this meme most of the time even today while scrolling through the feed. 

  • The Oscar selfie

In 2014, the Oscar selfie that featured some of the world-famous celebrities went viral in no time after it was shared with the fans. The selfie witnessed more than 2 million retweets which temporarily crashed even Twitter for a short duration. This picture also was made into interesting memes at that time. 

  • Rihanna at Met Gala

This was one of the most popular meme materials when Rihanna wore the mammoth yellow dress during the Met Gala. Her outlook was compared with pizza, omelet, and SpongeBob Square pants by several meme makers. This made her more of a laughing stock rather than enhancing her status.

That is how she looked back in 2015.

  • Beyonce- the Queen

Back in 2017, this became the most-awaited and popular picture on Facebook. Beyonce with her twins looked no less than a goddess. People were left awestruck by seeing this extremely glorious picture.

  • The Follow Me Trend

Little did Murad Osmann, the Russian photographer along with his partner Natalia knew that he just started the online trend of following me photos after sharing a similar picture on his page. This is still a very prominent trend and method of getting pictures worldwide.

  •  Miley Cyrus and her strawberry tongue

Sometime back the world-famous celebrity Miley Cyrus was clicked with an absurd pose where her tongue resembled a strawberry. Right after that, it became a meme content and was wend viral globally through Facebook. The picture is also gathered great attention because out of the blue the renowned Miley Cyrus was doing that. The picture s depicted here.

8.   Disappointed McKayla Maroney

This extremely talented young gymnast deserved to be very proud of her, seeing as the ‘Fierce Five’ won so many gold medals at the London 2012 Olympics. However, settling for a silver medal for the vault left her feeling sad.

  • Kim Kardashian for the magazine cover

The unique style of the social media queen Kim Kardashian to get clicked for a magazine cover attracted more fans than any other celebrity. This picture went viral in no time and was also converted to mind-boggling memes throughout the world.  This picture enthralled the world with accuracy and editing. This later became the impossible meme and was shared around the world.

  •  Kendal Jenner’s heart hairstyle

Kendal Jenner was the one who made this trend go viral all over the world. We witness that this trend is still very prominent and everyone attempts to look the same. It is the most loved and liked the picture of Kendall Jenner all over the Internet.

  • Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

 This picture was popular all over the internet for all the good reasons when Barack Obama was chosen as the President of the US for the next term. This picture became the most liked one and was shared with a caption “Four more years” 

  • The Grumpy Cat

Cats are generally adorable but this picture went viral all over Facebook with the title ‘the grumpy cat.’ This later became a meme game and was shared by innumerable people worldwide. This meme is still in use these days when wants to depict some emotion related to laziness.

  • The giant scarf of Lenny Kravitz

Sometime back, Lenny Kravitz was clicked on the streets with the giant scarf as a part of his outfit which made this picture go viral. Netizens around the globe were enthralled with this massive scarf which was part of Lenny’s outfit. This was later converted to memes and became widely known.  Here is his picture in the mammoth scarf which looks more like a blanket.

  • The grand inauguration ceremony

When Donald Trump took oath as the 45th president of the states, the White House witnessed a huge crowd of people. This picture was clicked right at that time and went viral for the same reason. This was the most shared and liked picture during that time.

  • Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg the Climate Change activist who took the movement to a large scale around the world is also known for through this viral picture. This picture sparked controversies and was shared by innumerable people for the comparison that it depicts.

  • The Osama Raid

Back in 2010, this picture went viral globally when Osama Bin Laden the global terrorist was being raided by the US. This picture depicts the anxiousness and the awe that arose due to the event. The raid marks a significant moment in history and is rightly captured in that way. This picture marks the important moment as it depicts the presence of all the important people in one frame.

  •  Sad Keanu Reeves

Pictures of celebrities are the major content that goes viral most of the time but this one, especially, was the one that became the meme material. Keanu Reeves who was seen sitting sadly on a bench depicted the everyday emotion that humans face. This later became a meme in various ways.

  •   “Girl with a balloon” picture

This painting was sold at a huge price at a live auction but right after it was sold, it shredded itself accidentally. This incident was captured at that very moment and went viral in no time. This was a very significant moment in history which went viral in time. The content of the incident was also converted to some of the very prominent memes all around the world.

  •  The Distracted guy

This picture is still very significant to depict distraction and the absent-mindedness through memes. The picture went viral in 2017 and was shared by a large number of audiences and this rightly captures the lack of interest.

  •  The Dress that confused many

This picture is of a dress that went viral all over the world. The major controversy that arose was whether this dress is blue and Black or gold and white. The internet went into an optical illusion meltdown, the retailer of the dress confirmed that it was black and blue.

  •   Beyonce during her Super Bowl Performance

This picture doesn’t look like that of Beyonce because she appears to be a queen whenever and wherever she gets clicked. This one though is one of hers too but the quite funnier version of her other pictures. This was during her Super Bowl performance in 2013. Later this picture went viral all across the internet and people couldn’t stop making memes over the same.

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These were some of the best pictures that went viral through Facebook all around the globe in no time. Every day we witness a lot of meme content but do not know the original story behind the same. Any of the memes that are formed and the later shared, start with an idea and also with a viral picture. The idea of correlation of the picture with the human emotions and situations helps to create the best memes out of the viral content.

Usually, Facebook is the place where the viral content is shared continuously. It has the maximum number of takers around the world that is why it is the best place to look for the latest memes and the viral pictures