11+ Free Ways To Make Money From Internet With 0 Investment

As smartphones and internet connection penetrates the lives of ordinary people, new doors concerning different domains of life are opening. Nothing is impossible today. The Internet has the answer to everything, including the ways to earn money online. Sounds like an attractive offer. No?

 A method of making money in which you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

However, as you have heard, “all that glitters are not gold.” Making money online may sound very comfortable and relaxed, but in reality, it is equally hard. Firstly, it takes a lot of time and hard work to find a suitable job. Secondly, and most importantly, the online world is not short of scams and fraudsters. To put it in other words, the online world is harsher than the real world.

At least in the real world, you can see the face of the fraudster. But in the digital world, you don’t even know who is behind your computer screen. There is no surety whether the person behind the screen is a human or a robot. Therefore, you must be prepared and alert when you venture for the task of making money online.

The digital world may offer hundreds of ways to earn money, but most of them may turn out a hoax. This statement is especially relevant for those methods or jobs that claim to offer you vast sums of money within a short period.

Always remember, there is no easy way when it comes to earning money. Whether it is traditional or digital, the route to making money is always filled with thorns. You need to be patient, persevering, and sedulous to earn money.

Ways to Detect Online Frauds and Scams

Before starting your money-making journey in the online world, you need to be alert and take the following precautions to avoid being scammed:

  1. Do not waste your time and labor on data-entry jobs. They are mostly scams. If you do intend to take data-entry as your career option, register yourself in a reputed job seeking website. There are many of them. Monster, Indeed, Naukri.com, etc. are some of the significant examples. They will help you establish a connection with reputed companies that provide data-entry jobs as one of the “work from home” options.
  2. If a site offers you a job for money such as registration or security fees, do not hesitate or waste your time. Leave that domain immediately.
  3. The most effective way to determine whether a site is a fraud or not is to search for it on Google. When you intend to verify a domain, write “scam” before the domain name. Google will give you all the details about the website.

11+ Free Ways to Make money on the Internet

Here is a list of some proven methods of earning money on the Internet. These methods are not only free but also legitimate. They are relevant for people of diverse age groups with different backgrounds. You may be a 14-year-old school-going student, a middle-aged homemaker, or a retiree; the following options are equally relevant for all of you. All you need to have is some skills, a personal computer, and a good internet connection.

1) Offer Freelance services

If you have a natural aptitude or are a professional in skills like writing, programming, graphic designing, web designing, etc. You must think of offering Freelance services. If we go by the latest survey reports, in India, almost 23 percent of people offering Freelance services earn approximately 40 lakh rupees per year. And the best part of freelancing is that no one but you is your boss. All you need to do is recognize your talents and skills and dedicate your time and labor to sharpen them.

To get started, register yourself in a freelancing site. There are many such websites. Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Guru are some of the notable examples. Select your category and create an eye-catching profile. Your profile must reflect your skills in the chosen category.

Give a detailed description of your work experience and the area of your expertise. Try to give your 100 percent and deliver customers’ orders on time. Ask them to leave their comments on your profile if they like your work. It will help you to get more customers and enhance your business as well as professional reputation.

2) Open a blogging site

If you love writing, why not make it your profession? There are various ways of entering into the writing profession. Blogging is one of them. There was a time when writing blogs used to be one of the hobbies of people. But thanks to this age of digital consumption, people have the choice to make blogging their profession.

If you love expressing your emotions, feelings, and experiences through your pen, you must consider blogging one of your career options. It is easy, and most importantly, it is free. You can employ WordPress or Blogger to start your blogging site. They are straightforward, and you don’t need to be an expert in technology. All you need is a personal computer and a fast internet connection.

To get started, choose a specific field like food, health, and fitness, technology, etc. for your blog. It would help you to concentrate and make your blog more content-centric. You would be able to research all the nuances of that particular field. Consequently, your visitors would be rewarded with more unique content.

Blogging can take a bit of time to take off. But once people start visiting your blog and recognize your skills, there is no looking back. The best part is you would have an online business of your own and make money even when you are not working.

3) Become a Content Writer

If you find opening a blogging site too much of hard work, you can always avail of the other option. That is the choice of selling your writing skills to other bloggers and website owners. The job is quite profitable and can generate both money and experience for you, mainly because website owners, bloggers, etc. are always searching for new content.

Content writers are also in demand among start-ups and big enterprises. These businesses who have to advertise their products and services through various media platforms like newspapers, journals, websites, etc. require quality content. Therefore, they hire people who are experts in the domain of writing, also called content writers.

To start your content writing career, you can register yourself on websites like Upwork, Craiglists, Outsourcely, Problogger Job-board, Freelancer, and Constant-Content. Give a detailed description of your writing experience and do specify the level of your writing skills (beginner, intermediate, expert, etc.).

Generally, people earn Rs. 375 to Rs. 1500 for an article of 500 words. If you become established, you would even more. All you need to do is be proficient in research work and have excellent literary skills.

4) Showcase your talent on Fiverr

If you are new to the Online money-making world, you must visit Fiverr first. It is a marketplace that brings businesses, freelancers, and customers on the same platform. Users worldwide showcase their skills and sell them for a starting price of only $5. Fiverr is straightforward and free. Anyone can join Fiverr.

Most importantly, it is booming with ideas. You don’t need to hold a formal degree to join Fiverr. All you need is creativity and skill. Whatever your talent is, book cover designing, sketching, singing, dubbing, writing, etc., show them off on Fiverr.

People are hungry for unique products and services. And what can be a more beneficial offer if they get those exceptional services and products only for $5? Sign up on Fiverr, prepare a gig that is propitious to your talent, and get set go. You will be able to earn from $5 to $900 per order, which is approximately 375 to 67,347 in Indian rupees.

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5) Offer Virtual Assistance

Most people have heard of personal assistants. They very well know what a personal assistant does. But who are Virtual Assistants? To define them in simple words, virtual assistants are personal assistants offering their services sitting at home. These days entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies hire Virtual Assistants to reduce the cost of hiring full-time personal assistants. Maintaining a full-time personal assistant entails spending on training, laptops, internet connection, office space, etc.

Moreover, why hire a full-time employee for doing a small job like sending emails? Therefore, they hire Virtual Assistants who do not need training as they already excel in the position for which the company or business has contacted them. They charge money based on the services rendered each hour. Most importantly, entrepreneurs do not have to worry about their space-related expenses as they work from remote areas.

Keeping these factors in mind, becoming a Virtual Assistant can prove to be quite profitable for you. You can earn almost Rs. 150 to Rs. 2,250 per hour based on your expertise level. Virtual Assistants’ significant works are data entry, providing customer service, managing social media accounts, writing advertisements or content, responding to emails, planning events, and so on.

Based on your qualification, you may need some kind of professional training. However, if you have impeccable communication skills and the knowledge of Ms-office, you don’t need to worry. Without any hesitation, register yourself on sites like Upwork, Elance.com, People Per Hour, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, Freelancer, and the like.

6) Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most straightforward ways to start making money online. It is like running a retail store. All you need to do is join the affiliate program of a particular product on the Internet. Following this, you need to refer that product to the customers. Each time a customer purchases from the link you have recommended, you will receive commission money.

If you are a blogger or have a YouTube channel, you must try affiliate marketing. It will help you generate some extra bucks from your blog or your website. And if you don’t have a blog, website, or YouTube channel, utilize your social media accounts’ full potential. If you have a natural aptitude for social media marketing, apply those skills for promoting your products on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. posts.

7) Participate in Online Surveys

This is one of the quickest methods of earning money on the Internet. A variety of companies and businesses conduct online surveys to get customers’ reviews and even give them money for participating in the study. If you are looking to earn some quick cash, you can visit websites like Prizerebel or Swagbucks. You would find a variety of online surveys there. However, you must remember that this may be the fastest way of earning money on the Internet, but it is also the riskiest.

Therefore, before participating in such surveys, thoroughly read their terms of service and check the concerned company’s authenticity on Google. As mentioned earlier, there is no easy way to earn money. Therefore, do not register for a company’s survey, which offers an amount that seems to be too much for answering only a couple of questions. Also, don’t forget to note the countries to which the concerned paid survey is applicable. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your time and energy for nothing at all.

8) Open your YouTube channel

Opening a YouTube channel and creating YouTube videos have become a trend now. Consequently, there is a lot of competition in this field. But once your channel has taken-off, there is no looking back for you. You will be earning lakhs of money from the comfort of your home. And the best part is, you don’t need to spend much on your videos.

What you need are a creative mind and a smartphone. Determine the niche of your channel and create your videos accordingly. Be honest with your content and make it unique. You can also do some keyword research to enhance the discoverability of your videos. And most importantly, be patient because “great things take time.”

9) Become a Translator

If you are fluent in more than one language, translation is one of the career options you can count on. Website owners are often searching for translators as they cannot afford to waste their time jotting down the same thing in different languages like French, Spanish, German, Arabic, and so on. This is especially relevant for those website owners whose target audience is scattered all over the world.

Consequently, translators are quite in demand among these website owners. To get started with your career as a professional translator, you can register on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, or Worknhire. On average, you can earn Rs. 1 to Rs. 5 for every word you translate. However, the rate can rise to Rs. 10 per term for specific languages.

10) Become Online Consultant

You don’t need to hold a formal degree to become a consultant. What you need are knowledge, experience, and impeccable communication skills. If you have enough experience and proficiency in a particular field to be called an expert, consider sharing your knowledge with other people.

There are a large number of people in the world who need expert opinions and advice. And if you somehow make your mark in the consultancy world, they would pay you vast sums of money for a few minutes of your life. To become an online consultant, you can register yourself on sites like Chegg or Coach.me and earn cash on a per-hour basis.

11) Offer Transcription services

With an increase in the consumption of video and non-music audio content, the demand for transcriptionists have also increased. You don’t need anything other than your computer or laptop, headphones, and a fast internet connection to become a transcriptionist. Not even a professional training to transform audio or video content into textual format. However, you do need to be a fast typist to take up transcription jobs.

To begin your career as a transcriptionist, you can open an account in sites like Scribie or Rev. The latter is especially notable for its flexibility. You can choose from a variety of projects and even adjust your working hours.

12) Become a self-publisher

The digital age has opened up new avenues for book writers. Gone are those days when authors had to depend on publishing houses to release their books. Now you can bring out your books all by yourself. What you need to do is prepare a draft of your text, select suitable software for creating an e-book, import your content, and make appropriate changes.

Once you have finalized the content, create a proper book cover, and publish your book on different platforms. Some of the significant platforms for selling e-books are Amazon Kindle, Blurb, Lulu, Payhip, BooksFundr, Pblishing, and Feiyr. Once your book becomes popular, you can earn vast sums of money. And the best part is that you will have full right over your book and have the choice to set your book’s price. You can also edit your content whenever you want to.


If you have the rigor to excel, then the digital world can provide you with a wide range of opportunities. The list mentioned above is just “a drop in the ocean.” However, you can count on them as some legitimate methods when you plan to start your online money-making journey. But you must keep in mind that earning money on the Internet is not plain sailing. You need to be alert to the direction of the winds (online trends), watch out for sharks (scams and frauds), and expend a considerable amount of your time and labor to keep the ship (your skills or start-up) afloat.