5 Best Websites to Create Your Own Whiteboard Videos (Make Engaging Videos)

Traditional classes are always a pioneer in online classes. The has always been a debate on traditional class Vs online classes. With the advent of YouTube, the online class tends to have started to gain its importance. Since it is free of cost in YouTube pepper start to like it more.

This popularity of online classes amongst the people made many companies develop an app or a website that helps many to take up online classes to enhance their skills as well as to learn new things eventually to acquire knowledge.

Online education through videos is on-trend now. The trend started when people wanted to learn from their home. This online education has made people get proficient in many skills.  Now in this pandemic situation, it has become the most primary way of learning. But while using an online medium to teach classes the students have to fell lively.

So for this purpose whiteboard videos are used. But it is not that they are used only for online education. They are now mainly used for promotional videos by many companies and startups.

What is a whiteboard video?

It is a style in which the images are shown drawing on the screen. It is an explanation video or an initiation video for any start-up. But they are not movable images. The video maker will draw the static images on the screen.  These images will look like illustrations on screen. These illustrations will be filled by narrations by the person who is explaining the process.

In this way, the person keeps the attention of the audience. The animations may look simple but still, they can grasp the attention of the audience. To do a whiteboard video a person must be good at dressing. It is always a plus point if an animation is also known. But not all drawings need to be perfect.

Websites that help to create whiteboard videos

Some websites help us to make whiteboard videos.  Some of the websites that are recommended by most of the people are

  1. Videoscribe.co
  2. Rawshorts
  3. Explee
  4. Fiverr and many more

There is also much software that helps in main whiteboard videos.


This is one of the most popular websites. This website will site is available only for a desktop. The installation file is to be installed to use it. If a person wishes to test the software he/she can download the free trial version of the software.

If a person is a starter and wants to learn how to use the software, there is a manual available in PDF which held on how to design a whiteboard video. This is the best option for a person who is going to have a fresh start on creating whiteboard videos. They also have many useful tools that would make the video making an easier job.


It is another popular whiteboard video maker that offers a 14-day free trial version of the software. It asks the purpose of creating the videos. The uniqueness of this website is that it provides the tools (which are in forms of images and animations) automatically based on the niche that has been chosen by the creator. It has an interface that is simpler to use.  The elements of the whiteboard are on the left pane.

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The creator can review the work by using the blue play button available on the left pane. If the monthly subscription is paid in a huge amount then the creator can enjoy the benefits of using unlimited downloads and music. There is also a feature for the customization of logos.


PowToons is a cloud-based DIY whiteboard video make. It is an online videogame that shows not make the creator download the software or any tool.  It has got a lot of explanatory videos, templates for videos,  libraries, and resources that would greatly help the creator to create the video that he/she wishes to create within minimum time.

But it is only available online. This may sometimes seem to be annoying for some of the users. Yet many users enjoy using it as it offers various bonuses to the users.


It is a seamless process. It just takes 20 seconds to tinker the product. It would take only two steps to proceed with the creation of the videos. Many prebuilt templates will help the person to create more ideas. A good feature that many people find interesting OD that it has an option to directly upload the created video on YouTube.

The videos can be easily uploaded if it is of the short span. For Example, the tutorial videos will have a shorter span, hence after creating the final video, it can be directly uploaded to YouTube. The featured of the website are- it has a clean interface with an exhaustive library of media. The pricing options are different when compared to other websites. The price changes according to the number of videos that the user uploads.


It is a website that allows the creator to create more videos with many templates. Initially while starting to work it asks for a tutorial. If the user is new then he/she can make use of it. There are many types of videos that can be created apart from whiteboard videos. There are many templates where the creator has to insert it in the video by choosing it and changing the text. This helps many of them to quickly create a video.


With the vast availability of platforms to create a whiteboard video, it is necessary to choose the right platform. So first the creator has to make sure about the quality of the video that is created by that platform.

He/she should also make sure that the ongoing process is done smoothly. The person soul also sees to the promptness of communication from the company to avoid deeply in video creation. By taking care of the budget and the ides a good whiteboard video can be created.