What’s Maximum Number of Twitter Followers You Can Follow (Daily Limits)

Following accounts on Twitter is an easier way to manage your feed and keep up with the latest trends on the people or the topics you are interested in keeping up with. There are technical restrictions that have been set up with regard to the number of followers you can follow on twitter as well as the rate at which you can follow new accounts.

What are the Maximum Twitter followers you can follow?

Twitter does not typically limit the number of accounts one can follow, but there are some boundaries as to the rate at which one can follow accounts. Every standard account is allowed to follow up to 400 accounts per day, while verified twitter users can follow up to 1000 other twitter accounts in a day. Generally, every twitter user is allowed to follow up to 5,000 accounts.

Once you reach that maximum, you need to wait for your account to gain more followers so that you can follow more twitter users.

Limitation on how many followers can follow you?

Twitter does not limit the number of people that can follow you; nevertheless, they do monitor the rate at which accounts follow other twitter users.

Powerful Twitter Growth Tools

Everybody, including brands and individuals, have the objective of gaining as many twitter followers as possible. Some of the tools that can be used to increase your twitter engagement nclude:

  1. Twitter analytics to understand your audience and boost engagements
  2. Buzz-Somo to tell your story in a tag line\
  3. Twit-helper to keep your tweets concise
  4. Hoot-suite to improve your social media strategy
  5. Riffle that gives twitter analytics and insights as they occur
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Conclusion on Number of People One Can Follow

Twitter has not permanently incorporated a permanent restriction the number of people that you can follow. However, it limits the rate at which users follow each other by limiting the number of follower, daily update as well as regular direct messages.