Worse and Funny Domain Names [Updated in 2020]

Domain names are of great importance when it comes to digital marketing or small businesses. It, therefore, becomes mandatory to choose an apt domain name that is easily comprehensible to everyone. While picking up a domain name one should keep certain aspects in mind such as that it should be smart, short and should communicate the business motive.

At times we come across the domain names that are unintentionally funny and not at all suitable for the large firms or business companies. Let us see some of the worst domain names that we have come across in our daily lives. Some of them are mentioned as follows:


This domain name when decoded can denote two different meanings that are ‘IT scrap’ that can mean something logical but the other meaning could be ‘It’s crap’ which sounds equally absurd.


The company is ideally named Old man’s Haven but it is perceived as old man shaven which is absurd to no extents.


It is a UK based online brand that is concerned with selling children’s wear. The domain name of the brand makes this company embarrassed because at first to the users or the customers it appears as children swear.

These were some of the funniest and the worse domains that anyone could think of for their firms. It is very probable that unintentionally these domain names can result in great embarrassment and guilt among the owners of the companies. It is crucial to think of a creative domain name that makes at least some sense for the users because domain names give the first and the last impression to the customers.