6 YouTube Alternatives – Where Would You Go If YouTube Died

Google’s strategic strike of staying in the top always resulted in buying YouTube for $1 Billion. Being the 3rd most visited website in the world, YouTube has any type of videos that you would like to watch. From educational videos to animation for kids, you have a wide range of videos that caters to all age group.

This feature makes it a versatile and one-stop solution for video search. Google being the top in searching content, YouTube is the best in searching for videos. The comprehensive advantage that YouTube has is never achieved by any so far in the online video industry.

It is to be understood that, online business is not competition free. YouTube is the best from the audience point of view, but that does not make it conducive for all. There may be people who will look out for alternatives as their preference. Now, there will be a question, why would someone search for an alternative for YouTube?

In this world, anything can be excellent, at the same time they might have flaws too. Same way, YouTube has its flaws. This may allow users to switch for another website which is convenient for them.

There are quite a few alternatives that you can also use and experience the difference. These websites are not only versatile, but a few have highly qualified content. There are websites which have a narrow audience sector to avoid substandard videos too. Having said that, YouTube does have qualified content.

No doubt, but the model is projected in such a way that the focus is more on quantity than quality. As much of quality content is present, you may find those many sub-standards videos too. This being one drawback of YouTube let us see a few more to understand why people would search for an alternative for this Online Video Giant.

Why Hate YouTube

User Suspension

The Policy of YouTube is concrete. This disallows unwanted videos in various categories and forms. However, there are many situations where an account is suspended for no reason. The sad part is, the account cannot be retrieved at all. This is an annoying feature of YouTube.

Comment Section

This is sheer confusion. The intention of incorporating the comments section in the videos is to receive feedback and valid comments about the video. The users have used it for spamming purposes. More irrelevant comments can be seen in most of the videos. A well qualified educational video will have a comment which markets some product. This adds to the irritation of the users too.

DMCA Takedown system failure

This is the factor where most of them are worried about. Of course, the DMCA takedown policy is good and needed. But there are many false claims of plagiarism or copied content that is taken action against. This annoys the genuine video makers who have uploaded the video on YouTube.

The Alternatives to YouTube

Let us take a look at 6 alternatives that you can opt for if you feel YouTube is not conducive for you.


The absolute beauty in the online video industry. Vimeo is a far better website than YouTube when it comes to quality. It is simply the classical version of high standards. You will certainly not find any unwanted videos like YouTube. All you find is the artistic work of people who have created short films. This website is for the classy people who would like to create videos and share their creative work.

The point that is needed to be noted here is, Vimeo has no rival in YouTube where the former concentrates only on qualified work and the audience sector is highly prime and narrow. The Explore tab in the home page says it all. The way the videos are categorized and the ease of navigation makes Vimeo one of the best alternatives to YouTube. If you are planning to watch high-class experimental videos in the field of music and arts, check this website and you will be amazed. The website offers a 500MB upload for a week if you are using the free version. You can also increase the upload limit by paying the subscription to 2GB per week.


For many people, this is a website that is used to share photos. But that is not the case. Flickr is for people who would like to convey a creative message in a very short period. Owned by Yahoo, this is incidentally not a small player in the video industry. The website has many top-notch features that you can rely on. Flickr calls videos to be ‘long photos’.

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The maximum time limit for a video is 90 seconds. You can make use of the 90 seconds to promote your product or the brand. This website is for highly creative people who would want to market their products in innovative ways. If you are a free user, you can upload 2 videos a month. At the same time, if you subscribe you have unlimited uploads. The subscription fee is a bit expensive. The world of short film experimentation begins here.


This website is the one that matches closely with YouTubes expertise and popularity. Though not popular in the US, Dailymotion is very prominent in European countries. This is just because the website was found by a French. The layout and the genres of videos are quite similar to YouTube.

But, this website focusses more on the quality side of the video. Videos of any type can be viewed. Mostly you can find movie contents in Dailymotion. People prefer to promote their brand using this website by offering well-qualified videos. The videos can be uploaded up to 150MB. The paid version has access to upload HD content too while it is restricted for free users.


This is by far the best community-based video sharing website. Unlike YouTube, Metacafe has short length videos and they are all originals. There is no junk or unwanted videos whatsoever. Every month there are 40 million unique views for the website. The 90-second long video shall set the theme for the partner channel programs. It is worth watching Metacafe originals and exclusives. They do not have any segmented version of movies and serial episodes.


As the name suggests, this is again a photo-sharing website like the Flickr. But you do not have the 90-second cap here. This is more of user-generated videos that connect the personal as well as professional preferences. These videos are often used for embedding in websites or blogs for promotional purposes. This is used mainly for the marketing purpose and the videos that are uploaded here are mostly created by experts for digital marketing purposes. There is no free usage, so anyone would pay the subscription to upload the videos.


Till now we had seen many varieties of websites that helps to upload short or medium videos. Mostly short videos are what is preferred in this industry. Veoh is an exception in this proposal. It is the only website where you would find full-length videos. The website is also made so light, that uploading a lengthier video does not take a long time too. Mostly you would find movie clips and videos. If you are looking for long format of videos, Veoh is the best choice. The best part is, there is no restriction of time and upload limit on this website.

Parameters That May Effect Your Choice for YouTube Alternative

The number of websites that can replace YouTube is few. But the ones we saw are the premium ones. Though the intention of using such websites may considerably differ, it is to be understood that, all the websites are exceptional. If you are planning to opt for any of these websites, check for the following and decide.

  1. Requirement: This is of major importance. Unless you know your requirement we cannot decide on this. If the plan is to market your product or a brand Flickr and Photobucket can be of the best choice. If you are planning to watch full-length videos it shall be Veoh. So revisit your requirement and you can choose one among the best that we have mentioned here.
  2. Cost: This also plays a role in your decision to choose a wise video-sharing website. If you are only planning to view videos, you sincerely do not need to subscribe. Unless you are planning to make a business out of it. Further, the cost of every subscription varies. Get to know that clearly and think if you can make a profit then go for it.
  3. Be with the Romans: It is always better to choose a platform that suits your requirement as well as the one that is chosen by many for the same intention. Vimeo is more of a qualified short film sharing portal, there is no place for digital marketing. Same way, you can never use Flickr for uploading lengthy videos. Further, the ones who are using these websites are experts and seasoned, They know better what they are doing with it. So follow them to get maximum results.